Decree APPROVED and transfer of the 14th salary until February; value of R$ 2,424.00 per person

Find out more about the approval of the 14th salary and the confirmed transfer until February, bringing financial relief to Brazilian workers.

The anxiety of Brazilian workers finally gave way to celebration, as the long-awaited 14th salary was officially approved.

This measure, which had been on the agenda for a long time, finally became a reality, bringing financial relief to thousands of families across the country.

If you are interested in knowing who is entitled to the benefit and when the payments will be made, read on with

Discover how the approval of the 14th salary is positively impacting thousands of families in Brazil. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

14th salary CONFIRMED

Campo Grande City Hall, in a quick and effective movement, wasted no time in guaranteeing the transfer of the 14th salary to its employees.

According to Municipal Decree no. 14,592 of 01/13/21, the amount of R$4,884,360.00 was allocated to 2,015 employees who met the criteria established by law.

This effort resulted in a significant amount of R$2,424.00 for each beneficiary, which will certainly help to alleviate expenses and strengthen the local economy.

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Where will the 14th salary be released?

In addition to Campo Grande, the municipality of Bandeirantes, in Paraná, also stood out by announcing the payment of the 14th salary to its employees.

Mayor Gustavo Sprotte, in a gesture of recognition for the work and dedication of public employees, made this important initiative possible.

Overall, this announcement represents welcome financial relief at a time of economic uncertainty.

What about the 14th INSS salary?

Despite the euphoria generated by the approval of the 14th salary and the transfers already confirmed in some locations, the prospects for the future still face challenges.

The Minister of Social Security, Carlos Lupi, appointed by Lula, approached the issue realistically by stating that the payment of the benefit in 2024 is not viable due to the lack of budget.

Despite the desire, the proposal to introduce the 14th salary for INSS beneficiaries is facing resistance.

According to João Adolfo de Souza, owner of João Financeira, a news portal specializing in information for INSS beneficiaries, there are uncertainties about the viability of the project.

"The 14th salary project is a good idea, but, unfortunately, it depends on political forces. We need the government, deputies and senators to ‘watch out’ for retirees who, since the Covid-19 pandemic, have not received extra help."

João Adolfo de Souza.

Therefore, the approval and schedule for the implementation of the 14th INSS salary remain uncertain to date.

Therefore, INSS beneficiaries will need to wait for parliamentarians’ decision and explore other available alternatives to deal with the economic challenges resulting from the pandemic.

R$ 2,424.00 guaranteed

In summary, the approval of the 14th salary and the transfers made in some locations represent a significant achievement for Brazilian workers.

This measure not only provides immediate financial relief, but also recognizes the value and effort of professionals who contribute to the country’s development.

However, it is essential to keep a close eye on budgetary issues and seek sustainable solutions to ensure the continuity of this benefit in the future.

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