Deadline to join Simples Nacional has passed, what now? What do I do?

The deadline to join Simples Nacional has passed, but micro-entrepreneurs who want to correct the misunderstanding should pay attention.

Did you know that Simples Nacional is that friend we would all like to have in times of complicated taxation? Since 2006, he has been a friendly shoulder for individual microentrepreneurs, microenterprises and small businesses.

But what happens when the clock strikes midnight and the deadline to join this simplified tax regime is approaching? It’s time to take action!

Did you miss the deadline to join Simples Nacional and are you worried? See what to do! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How do I join Simples Nacional?

Joining Simples Nacional is a simplified process that allows micro and small companies to unify the payment of various taxes in a single guide, the DAS.

To join, the company must be within the annual gross revenue limits established by legislation and not have debts with the Union, states, municipalities or INSS.

The request is made exclusively online, through the Simples Nacional Portal (generally at the beginning of each year. Once accepted, the company will benefit from a reduced tax burden and simplified bureaucracy, facilitating tax management.

I missed the deadline to join Simples Nacional in 2024

For those who missed the Simples Nacional train, 2024 presents itself as a true tax maze.

Now, the choice is limited to Presumed Profit or Actual Profit. Each one has its own challenges and financial implications, making the business journey somewhat more arduous.

The only way out

The turnaround comes with a somewhat drastic solution: creating a new CNPJ. Does it seem extreme? Maybe, but it may be the only way to reopen the doors to Simples Nacional.

However, this decision is not without consequences, especially for those who already have a consolidated business structure.

The closed door to join Simples Nacional

The bad news is that, for 2024, the chance of joining Simples Nacional after the deadline is zero. The tax regime will not accept new invitations and the inevitable choice between Presumed Profit and Real Profit is imposed. A bitter reminder of the importance of keeping an eye on the tax calendar.

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Extension attempts

There was a whisper of hope with the proposal to extend the deadline to April or even May, aiming to facilitate debt negotiations.

However, the rigidity of tax legislation spoke louder, and the Federal Revenue Service kept the doors of Simples Nacional firmly closed.

Navigating the 2024 tax

For entrepreneurs who felt the bitter taste of missing the deadline, 2024 will be a year of strategic decisions. The choice of tax regime will have direct implications for the finances and operability of companies.

The learning? Punctuality is more than a virtue; It is a necessity in the complex corporate tax universe.

Don’t miss new deadlines to join Simples Nacional

Entrepreneurs, although the waters of 2024 may seem turbulent, remember that careful and strategic navigation can lead to new horizons.

The importance of competent accounting advice has never been more evident, and perhaps now is the time to invest in partnerships that can guide your company through these unknown seas.

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