Cyclone and STORMS over the weekend: formation begins TODAY (16)

Get ready for the weekend: a subtropical cyclone brings storms and strong winds, impacting several areas. Find out how to prepare and protect your family in the face of this climate event.

Attention: the weather in Brazil is about to take an unexpected turn with the arrival of a subtropical cyclone.

The phenomenon, which takes shape this Friday (16), marks a moment of vigilance and preparation, promising to directly affect the Southeast of Brazil, bringing with it storms and strong winds.

Regions such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are in the spotlight, with expectations of facing the biggest impacts.

The formation of a subtropical cyclone today promises to change the climate with intense rain and wind. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is a subtropical cyclone?

Unlike tropical cyclones, an approaching subtropical cyclone gains strength through a combination of atmospheric and oceanic factors.

This event is not linked to a cold front, but is a consequence of atmospheric agitation after the passage of one.

The warm waters of the Atlantic are a fuel for its intensification, bringing with it a series of adverse meteorological phenomena.

What are the impacts of the subtropical cyclone in Brazil?

The National Institute of Meteorology (INMET) did not hesitate to issue a "danger" alert for the Southeast region.

The institute anticipates rainfall that could exceed 100 millimeters per day and winds that reach up to 100 km/h.

The seriousness of the warning extends to the possibilities of landslides, falling trees, flooding and floods, putting the safety of the population and the infrastructure of cities at risk.

Regional preparations and alerts

The focus is on preparations to mitigate the effects of the cyclone. São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, in particular, must prepare for disruption.

The expected volume of rain requires a careful look at areas at risk of landslides and flooding.

Civil Defense has already signaled a state of alert, especially in areas known for their vulnerability.

Forecasts for the south and other regions

The south of Brazil, especially Rio Grande do Sul and parts of Santa Catarina, is also preparing to face intense rains and storms.

The alert extends until Saturday (17), with an improvement expected only on Sunday (18). However, the cyclone is a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the weather, affecting not just the Southeast but potentially other areas with heavy rain and wind.

How to protect yourself from a cyclone?

Namely, it is essential to pay attention to weather updates and follow the guidance of local authorities.

Simple measures, such as avoiding areas known for flooding and not taking shelter under trees during storms, can make a big difference in personal and community safety.

Furthermore, following the official INMET and Civil Defense communication channels is crucial to receive real-time warnings and specific instructions for your region.

Prevention starts with adequate information and preparation.

Find out what temperatures will be like in the capitals in the coming days, according to INMET:

Friday (16) Saturday (17) Domingo (18)
Aracaju 25°C a 33°C 25°C a 32°C 25°C a 31°C
Bethlehem 23°C a 33°C 23°C a 33°C 23°C a 32°C
Belo Horizonte 20°C a 27°C 20°C a 27°C 20°C a 27°C
Good view 25°C a 37°C 24°C a 38°C 25°C a 38°C
Brasilia 19°C a 30°C 18°C a 29°C 19°C a 27°C
Big Field 23°C a 31°C 23°C a 30°C 22°C a 28°C
Cuiabá 26°C a 35°C 26°C a 33°C 26°C a 32°C
Curitiba 17°C a 24°C 17°C a 25°C 15°C a 28°C
Florianópolis 22°C a 27°C 23°C a 27°C 22°C a 29°C
Fortaleza 26°C a 32°C 25°C a 33°C 25°C a 32°C
Goiânia 22°C a 31°C 22°C a 30°C 21°C a 29°C
João Pessoa 25°C a 33°C 25°C a 33°C 25°C a 32°C
Macapá 23°C a 31°C 23°C a 31°C 24°C a 31°C
Maceió 24°C a 31°C 24°C a 31°C 25°C a 31°C
Manaus 25°C a 34°C 25°C a 34°C 25°C a 34°C
Natal 25°C a 29°C 26°C a 29°C 25°C a 29°C
Palmas 23°C a 34°C 23°C a 32°C 23°C a 31°C
Porto Alegre 21°C a 25°C 21°C a 29°C 21°C a 29°C
Porto Velho 24°C a 31°C 24°C a 30°C 23°C a 30°C
Recife 26°C a 30°C 26°C a 30°C 26°C a 30°C
White River 24°C a 32°C 23°C a 32°C 24°C a 30°C
Rio de Janeiro 23°C a 28°C 22°C a 32°C 23°C a 32°C
Salvador 24°C a 32°C 24°C a 31°C 25°C a 31°C
Saint Louis 24°C a 30°C 23°C a 31°C 24°C a 30°C
São Paulo 16°C a 24°C 16°C a 27°C 18°C a 26°C
Teresina 22°C a 32°C 22°C a 32°C 22°C a 31°C
Victory 24°C a 28°C 23°C a 31°C 25°C a 31°C

Source: INMET

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