CPF awarded? Understand Nubank payments above R$190.00

In a new action to benefit its customers, Nubank is giving customers the opportunity to see their money grow.

In a surprising move that has caused great uproar among Brazilians, Nubank announces the release of R$194.23 for lucky CPFs, marking a historic moment in the financial sector.

This initiative not only reinforces Nubank’s position as an innovative institution, but also highlights its commitment to providing more than banking services.

In other words, it is a true revolution in the way we interact with money. So, if you want to know how to access the benefit, follow the text!

Nubank customers should pay attention to yet another possibility of making money with the bank. Check out! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Superior performance: Nubank vs. savings

Initially, the Nubank account, known for its higher yield compared to traditional savings, stands out as an attractive option for those looking to make their money yield more.

With a return of 100% of the CDI, equivalent to an annual return of 11.65%, Nubank offers a more profitable alternative for its users, especially in times of low savings returns.

A Detailed Look at Yields

Let’s explore a little more about what this yield really means in practice. Imagine that you deposit R$1,000 into your Nubank account.

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In two years, this amount could yield up to R$1,194.23, already considering the Income Tax discount. Comparatively, in savings, the same amount would yield R$1,128.91 in the same period. Check out:

Nubank account Savings
Investment value R$ 1.000
Total gross balance after 24 months R$ 1.235,43
Total net balance after 24 months (after Income Tax) R$ 1.194,23
Total gross income R$ 235,43
Total net income R$ 194,23

Compare Nubank’s yields.

This simple example highlights Nubank’s competitive advantage, showing that even small amounts can benefit significantly over time.

More than a bank

Nubank is redefining what we expect from our banks, not only in terms of performance, but also in the quality of service and ease of use.

The release of R$194.23 to selected CPFs is just one example of how Nubank continues to innovate and lead the way towards a brighter and more inclusive financial future for all Brazilians.

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Furthermore, Nubank’s Little Boxes offer the flexibility to create spaces dedicated to each of your financial goals, such as a dream trip, home renovation or even your emergency fund.

Each box can be personalized with a name and image that represent its objective, making the experience not only functional, but also emotionally engaging.

Income that makes a difference

One of the great advantages of Caixainhas is that the money saved does not remain idle. Depending on your objective and the deadline stipulated to achieve it, Nubank suggests investment options such as RDBs (Bank Deposit Receipts).

Basically, they follow 100% of the CDI, providing higher returns than traditional savings.

This means that as you organize your money, it continues to grow, bringing you even closer to your dreams.

Flexibility and security in your hands

Finally, the Boxes are designed to adapt to your needs. You can define how much you want to save in each one and schedule recurring deposits to stay true to your financial plan.

What if an unforeseen event arises? No problem. Redeeming amounts is simple and fast, ensuring that you have access to your money when you need it most, with the security and reliability that Nubank offers.

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