CPF awarded at Nubank TODAY (02/26)? Understand the payment of R$136 through the app

Nubank introduces "little boxes" to help users achieve financial goals, with investments starting at R$1, offering the possibility of recovering significant amounts.

Nubank offers simple, transparent and accessible banking services through an intuitive application. The fintech quickly won over millions of customers with its purple credit card with no annual fees and abusive fees.

Digital banking is a complete financial services platform that includes checking accounts, investments, insurance and much more. The company continues to expand its operations and diversify its products.

According to fintech, some account holders can receive money from Nubank. Continue reading this article to check out all the details.

Find out whose Nubank CPF it is – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Nubank announced something new that promises to change the financial planning of Brazilians.

The innovation comes in the form of "boxes", designed to help users achieve financial goals with contributions starting from just R$1.

But what’s really causing a stir is the possibility of recovering significant amounts, starting with R$136.50.

What are the Little Boxes?

Imagine organizing your money in such a simple way that each goal has its own "box" in the Nubank app.

This is the proposal of the little boxes, which help organize your money and offer personalized investment options.

Among the options, the RDB Immediate stands out, for quick rescues in emergencies, and the RDB Planned, which allows you to choose a specific date for the rescue, increasing profitability.

How do investments work?

The process of investing in the boxes is simple and intuitive. Just open the Nubank app, select the option to invest, choose your box, define the amount to be invested and confirm.

The difference here is the transparency and ease of monitoring and managing your investments, directly from your cell phone or computer.

The potential for an extra R$136.50

An investment of R$1,000 in Nubank boxes, specifically in RDB, can yield 13.65% per year.

This is equivalent to approximately R$107 per month, culminating in growth to R$1,136.50 at the end of one year, without income tax deductions.

It is a gross profit opportunity of R$136.50, demonstrating the potential of these new financial tools.

Which is better: fintech boxes or Poupança da Caixa? find it out

Nubank’s Caixas emerge as an alternative to traditional Caixa Econômica Federal savings.

The main difference lies in profitability: while savings yield 70% of the Selic + TR, Caixinhas offer 100% of the CDI, which means a potentially greater return for the customer.

Another important point is flexibility: Little Boxes allow the customer to define objectives, deadlines and values ​​for their goals, in addition to offering daily liquidity, that is, money can be redeemed at any time without penalties.

Savings have stricter rules, such as the need to maintain a minimum balance to avoid fees and the limitation of monthly withdrawals.

In terms of security, both options are protected by the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC), which guarantees reimbursement of up to R$250,000 per CPF in case of bankruptcy of the financial institution.

In short, Nubank’s Caixas stand out for their superior profitability, flexibility and simplicity of use.

Meanwhile, savings from Caixa Econômica Federal may be more interesting for those looking for a traditional option with lower risk.

The ideal choice will depend on the needs and objectives of each client.

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