Court orders will be PAID to the elderly very soon: payment has been authorized!

Many elderly Brazilians may soon receive precatory payments! Find out what this means, and see if you are entitled to the new Government deposits.

The wait has finally come to an end for many INSS retirees and pensioners who were looking forward to the release of court orders. This news comes as a relief and a sign of hope for thousands of beneficiaries who were anxiously awaiting their delayed payments.

With the recent authorization from the Federal Government, a new phase of prosperity begins for these citizens, promising to bring more security and tranquility to their lives.

Everything about payment of court orders for the elderly! Credit: plasticaxe.

Understanding Precatório

Precatório are not just complicated legal terms; they represent a tangible hope for justice and recognition for many.

Basically, court orders are payment orders issued by the Court in favor of people who have won a lawsuit against public bodies, such as the INSS, after all appeal possibilities have been exhausted.

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Federal Government releases court orders for the elderly

The Federal Government announced the release of around R$1.6 billion destined exclusively to pay these court orders, bringing a sigh of relief to many Brazilian homes.

This amount will be used to settle accounts with retirees and pensioners who, through legal actions, claimed their rights against the INSS, whether by releasing retirements and pensions or by reviewing the value of their benefits.

How will payment happen?

The new wave of payments will be made through Small Value Requests (RPVs), applicable to shares whose value does not exceed 60 minimum wages.

With the minimum wage adjustment in 2024, this means that claims worth up to R$84,720 fall into this category.

Payments are made after the definitive conclusion of the processes, with no further possibility of appeals, thus guaranteeing justice and the rights of the beneficiaries.

Which elderly people are entitled to court orders?

The expectation is that more than 99 thousand citizens will benefit from this new round of payments, a number that reflects the vast demand for justice and recognition.

The Federal Justice Council has already released the resources, and it is now up to the Federal Regional Courts to organize the calendar and define the order of priority for payments.

How do you know if you will benefit?

For those anxious to know if they are on the list of beneficiaries, consultation can be made directly with the responsible court or with the lawyer in the case.

Many courts offer the possibility of online consultation, facilitating access to information. In this consultation, it is possible to check whether the payment has been released and the amount to be received.

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Where will the amounts be deposited?

Once payment is confirmed, the amount will be deposited directly into the bank account indicated by the citizen at the beginning of the legal action.

This procedure simplifies the process and ensures that the beneficiary has access to their money quickly and safely.

By paying these amounts, many will finally be able to have the peace of mind and financial security they so deserve.

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