Could the mini electric massager that went viral on TikTok be dangerous? Know the truth

Recently, the electric massager ended up going viral on TikTok and making many interested in purchasing it, but is it really good?

Recently, a curious challenge has taken over TikTok: trying to drink a glass of water while using a mini electric massager on your arm.

The seemingly simple task turns out to be a real challenge due to the muscle contractions caused by the device. However, have you ever stopped to think about the risks this gadget can pose to your health?

TikTok ended up viralizing a new device that left many intrigued: the electric massager. Find out more about him! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Understand what the electric massager that went viral is

In principle, the mini electric massager, which has stirred social media, is actually an electrostimulator.

Unlike conventional massagers, it emits electrical pulses that cause muscle contractions when it comes into contact with the skin.

This technology directly influences our motor system, causing the muscles close to the device to contract involuntarily.

What are the risks and benefits?

In short, electrotherapy, which uses electrical stimuli for medical purposes, is known for its benefits, such as the release of analgesic substances and the reduction of pain.

However, the indiscriminate and unguided use of an electrical stimulator such as a mini electric massager can bring more harm than good.

Prolonged muscle contraction can compromise blood circulation and even damage tissues, especially if the intensity is very high.

Furthermore, for those looking for relief from muscle pain, experts recommend gentler and safer methods, such as a simple hot water bottle.

Furthermore, the use of the mini massager is contraindicated in several situations, such as in regions of the uterus in pregnant women, in treatment sites with open wounds, in cancer patients, with pacemakers or other electronic implants and even in people with epilepsy. , due to the risk of triggering seizures.

Think about your health!

Before joining a trend, it is crucial to consider the possible health impacts. The mini electric massager, despite being popular, serves as a reminder that not everything that goes viral is beneficial.

Therefore, to take care of your body, especially when relieving pain and tension, choose proven safe methods and, whenever possible, under the guidance of health professionals.

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How to download TikTok videos without the watermark?

In today’s digital universe, downloading videos from TikTok has become a common practice, especially for those who want to share them on other platforms.

However, TikTok’s watermark can be a hindrance for those looking for a cleaner aesthetic.

The good news is that there are methods to download these videos without the watermark. One option is to take advantage of TikTok’s own native functionality, introduced in August 2023, which allows users to download videos directly from their profile before publishing.

To do this, simply access the drafts section, edit the video and save before publishing. However, this option has its limitations, only applying to unpublished videos.

Download videos without restrictions

To get around these restrictions, many turn to third-party tools like SSSTik, which allows you to download videos from public accounts without TikTok’s signature watermark.

The process is simple: copy the link to the desired TikTok video, access the SSSTik website (paste the link and select the download option without watermark.

Finally, after downloading, the video will be available in your gallery, ready to be shared on any platform, maintaining the original quality without the intrusive watermark.

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