Could the Bolsa Família calendar in FEBRUARY be impacted due to Carnival?

Bolsa Família February calendar is now available! Will payments be made before or after Carnival? Check out all the updated filing dates.

Carnival is a time of celebration, color and joy, but can it influence something as serious and important as the Bolsa Família 2024 payment calendar?

The answer to this question is a topic that deserves our attention, especially for the thousands of Brazilians who depend on this benefit to supplement their family income. To know the truth, just keep reading our article!

Check out the Bolsa Família calendar for February! Credit: plasticaxe.

The importance of Bolsa Família

Bolsa Família is a bond of hope and fundamental support for millions of Brazilian families who live in situations of social vulnerability.

By guaranteeing a minimum monthly amount, the program becomes a crucial tool for combating poverty and social inequality, ensuring food on the table and access to education and healthcare for those who need it most.

In this context, any change in your payment schedule is received with anxiety and expectation by your beneficiaries.

Bolsa Família calendar is available!

According to information released, the Bolsa Família payment for the month of February already has defined dates and amounts, maintaining the continuity and predictability that are so necessary for the beneficiaries.

The minimum installment to be paid remains R$600, as the benefit adjustment has yet to be announced. Currently, most beneficiaries receive more significant amounts, thanks to additional payments from Bolsa Família.

Gas aid back in February!

In addition to the base value, the month of February also brings the return of Gas Aid, an essential benefit that helps to alleviate the costs of gas cylinders, which are so essential in families’ daily lives.

Aimed at those who are in CadÚnico, the aid prioritizes women heads of families and victims of domestic violence, with the official value yet to be released by the National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP).

Bolsa Família Calendar – February 2024

The official Bolsa Família calendar for February has already been defined, bringing relief to those who depend on this resource.

With established dates, beneficiaries can better organize themselves and plan their expenses more efficiently.

NIS with ending 1: Payment on February 16NIS with ending 2: Payment on February 19NIS with ending 3: Payment on February 20NIS with ending 4: Payment on February 21NIS with ending 5: Payment on February 22NIS with ending 6: Payment on February 23 NIS with ending 7: Payment on February 26NIS with ending 8: Payment on February 27NIS with ending 9: Payment on February 28NIS with ending 0: Payment on February 29

In other words: as you can see, the Bolsa Família calendar for February 2023 will not be impacted by Carnival. After all, deposits begin two days after Ash Wednesday (February 14), which marks the end of the festival.

Peace of mind in benefit payments

In a month marked by festivities and celebrations, Bolsa Família remains a pillar of stability for many families.

The information released brings a breath of tranquility, confirming that, despite the Carnival festivities, the program will follow its schedule, ensuring that the necessary help reaches those in need, without interruptions.

Pay attention to the dates and organize yourself so that the Carnival period is lived with joy, without extra worries. Bolsa Família is here to ensure that the essentials are not missing in your home.

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