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Thousands of Brazilians still have some value to receive from various sources. To do this, they need to pay attention to the consultation step by step.

Did you know that R$75 billion is forgotten in banks and financial institutions waiting to be rescued? Yes, this impressive amount includes both individuals and legal entities.

Many Brazilians still have no idea that they may have any money available, which means that values ​​remain frozen for a long time. But that could change!

The amounts forgotten by Brazilians are still available for withdrawal. Know how! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What are forgotten values?

Thanks to the Central Bank’s initiative, the Values ​​Receivable System (SVR), you can check if you are entitled to any forgotten amount and start the redemption process in a simple and secure way, directly via PIX.

Surprisingly, R$6 billion is allocated to individuals and R$15 billion to companies. The majority of this amount, around R$44 billion, is in banks, with the remainder distributed among consortium administrators, cooperatives, payment and financial institutions.

Other Places Forgotten Values ​​Can Come From

In short, forgotten money can come from a variety of sources at financial institutions, including:

Inactive checking or savings accounts; Bank fees and charges charged unduly; Insurance not redeemed; Pension or private pension funds; Consortium accounts not included or canceled; Income and dividends from investments; Income tax refunds not withdrawn; Loan credits paid too much; Forgotten salary accounts; Cleared checks or deposits not credited correctly.

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In this sense, it is important to periodically check whether you have receivables from any of these sources to ensure that you are not leaving money behind.

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How to get your money back?

The process to redeem your values ​​is straightforward:

Access the SVR: first, access the Central Bank website (and follow the steps to check if you have amounts to receive; Check and redeem: then, once the existence of amounts has been confirmed, you can request redemption through a Login to, and the amounts will be listed by institution. Select where you want to redeem from and choose to receive it via PIX;Be aware of scams: remember, the Central Bank website is the only official channel for this query. Be wary any other means that promises to access your forgotten values.

Every forgotten penny counts!

Some may think that the effort is not worth it, anticipating that the value to be received will be minimal. However, any amount can make a difference to your monthly budget.

In this sense, don’t underestimate the potential of finding a small (or perhaps a big!) financial surprise waiting for you.

Do not leave it for later

SVR is a valuable tool that can benefit countless people and companies, returning values ​​that have been forgotten for whatever reason.

So, if you haven’t yet checked if you have the money to receive it, don’t waste any more time. The opportunity to recover what is yours is just a click away.

Finally, access the Central Bank website now and find out if you are one of the beneficiaries of these forgotten R$75 billion. Who knows, maybe you have a pleasant surprise waiting for you? Don’t leave your money forgotten; make it work for you!

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