COMMUNICATION from Nubank highlights 3 news for 2024 and you need to know TODAY (15/02)

The fintech has issued an important announcement to all its customers who wish to close their accounts. Be careful not to incur financial losses.

Surely you have already heard of Nubank. It is one of the largest banks in Brazil. Fintech gave an important message to its customers this week, especially those who want to cancel their account.

It is worth noting that there are some app rules for canceling. If the person does not carry out the prescribed procedures, they run the risk of having some type of financial loss, reveals Nubank.

Continue reading this article to find out what Nubank’s announcements were this week.

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How to cancel your Nubank account and avoid financial losses

Canceling a Nubank account may seem like a challenge to many, but the process is surprisingly simple and quick, especially when compared to the bureaucratic procedures of traditional banks.

If you are thinking about closing your Nubank account for any reason, this article offers a detailed step-by-step guide to doing so safely and efficiently.

Step by step to cancel your account

Canceling a Nubank account is a process that can be carried out entirely through the bank’s application, available for both Android and iOS:

Open the Nubank app: start by accessing the app on your smartphone. Access the settings: in the top left corner, tap the icon to open the settings menu. Search for configure account: within the settings, locate the "Configure Account" option. Select cancel account: find and select the "Cancel Account" option. Complete the operation: follow the instructions to complete the cancellation of your account.

After canceling, you will receive an email confirming account closure.

Important considerations before canceling

Before making the decision to cancel your Nubank account, it is crucial to consider some important aspects:

Transfer the remaining balance: make sure to transfer any remaining balance to another bank account. Pay off outstanding debts: if you have loans with Nubank, you must pay them off or transfer them to another financial institution. Contact with Nubank: if you have specific questions or experience technical difficulties, contact Nubank via the telephone number available on the website.

It is important to note that the closure request is important – especially if the customer pays maintenance fees.

Close accounts with traditional banks and Nubank

Closing an account with traditional banks tends to be more bureaucratic, requiring written communication, return of cards and checks, in addition to deactivating automatic debits.

Nubank simplifies this process, allowing everything to be done through the app, standing out as a modern and less complicated option for users.

Check out the other fintech messages

Nubank also took a position on the products it offers to customers. They meet a wide range of financial needs.

The NuConta digital account offers income above traditional savings without charging maintenance fees; the no-annual-fee credit card, famous for its purple color and full control via the app.

Nubank Ultravioleta, a premium version of the card with exclusive benefits such as instant cashback, among other products.

In addition to its success in Brazil, Nubank expanded its operations to other Latin American countries, such as Mexico and Colombia.

The ability to attract significant investments has consolidated Nubank as one of the most valuable startups in the region, reflecting its accelerated growth and innovative business model.

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