Commemorative 1 REAL coin can be sold for up to R$1,300; do you have any?

There is a commemorative coin with a nominal value of just one real, but which can be sold for more than a thousand reais on the collectors’ market.

Commemorative 1 real coins in Brazil are small treasures that transcend their face value. Issued to celebrate cultural and historical milestones, they capture the essence of significant moments.

This article explores the universe of these unique pieces, covering their distinct characteristics, the evaluation process, and the surprising potential for appreciation.

Through a detailed look, we will reveal how numismatics and how each commemorative 1 real coin carries its own narrative, waiting to be discovered.

This one real coin could be worth a lot of money – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Unique features of commemorative coins

Brazil’s 1 real commemorative coins have been released on several occasions to celebrate important events or honor historical figures.

They arouse great interest among collectors and numismatic enthusiasts.

Each 1 real commemorative coin has attributes that make it special, such as the year of issue, any minting errors, limited edition, state of conservation and distinctive details in the design.

These elements are crucial in determining their value in the world of numismatics. The most emblematic edition of the commemorative coin is the one issued by the Central Bank at the Olympics in 2016.

The 2012 version, symbolizing the arrival of the London Olympic Torch, is even more expensive. Furthermore, there are other factors that determine the value of the piece.

Year of issue: some coins are rare due to the specific year of production, especially those with a limited run; Minting errors: single flaws, such as misaligned printings, can be highly valued; Limited run: the low quantity produced increases demand among collectors; State of conservation: well-preserved coins, without signs of wear, are more sought after and valued.

Assessment and preservation

The condition of the coin is decisive for its value. Classifications such as Flor de Cunho (FC), Superb (S), Very Well Preserved (MBC), Well Preserved (BC) and Regular (R) help to define the degree of preservation.

Flor de Cunho (FDC or FC): Refers to coins in perfect condition, with no signs of wear, scratches or any other damage. These coins have never circulated and often come directly from the Mint.

Superb (S): Coins in this category show minimal signs of handling and almost no visible wear. They retain much of their original shine and sharp details.

Very Well Preserved (MBC): Coins that show light signs of circulation. Design details are still clear, but there may be small signs of wear in the higher areas.

Well Preserved (BC): These coins show moderate wear, with key design details still visible, but parts of the design may have softened from use.

Fair (R): Coins with considerable wear where fine details are largely absent but the overall design is still discernible.

Market appreciation

The value of a 1 real commemorative coin can surprise you. Depending on the factors mentioned, some of these coins can reach significant values, exceeding R$135,000 in exceptional cases.

Demand from collectors and the rarity of the piece are determining factors for its price.

Where and how to sell

For those who have 1 real commemorative coins and want to sell them, an accurate evaluation by experts is crucial.

E-commerce platforms, specialized auctions and numismatic stores are effective channels for finding buyers.

It is recommended to document and present coins in detail to attract the interest of potential collectors.

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