Coin worth just R$1 that could be worth R$170.00 TODAY (02/24)

A rare R$1 coin can be worth up to R$170 to collectors, depending on its condition and rarity.

In a world where the value of things is not always what it seems, a simple R$1 coin can hide an unexpected treasure.

The specific piece has become an object of desire for coin collectors, and can be sold for up to R$170. But what makes this coin so special? Read this article to find out.

Your R$1 coin could be worth a lot of money – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

A R$1 coin can be worth up to R$170! Find out how

The appreciation of coins in the numismatic market occurs for several reasons, such as the history they represent or their rarity.

The coin in question gained rarity status due to its low circulation, becoming a true treasure for whoever owns it.

It was minted in celebration of the Olympics held in Brazil in 2016. A series of them were launched to celebrate the event, each paying homage to different sports and mascots.

However, the "Entrega da Bandeira" coin, with a limited circulation, stands out among them.

How to identify the treasure

The "Delivery of the Flag" coin is recognized for symbolizing the moment in which the Olympic flag was passed from London to Rio de Janeiro.

Its value can vary depending on the state of conservation: well preserved can be worth up to R$120, in superb condition up to R$150, and those considered "mint flowers" ​​can reach a value of R$170.

Numismatics: a dive into history

Numismatics, from the Greek "nomisma" which means coin, is the fascinating science dedicated to the study and collection of coins, banknotes and medals.

More than a simple hobby, numismatics is a portal to the past, allowing us to uncover the history, art and economy of different civilizations.

Each coin, each banknote, each medal carries within it a universe of information. The metal used, the design, the engravings, the marks and even the wear and tear can reveal aspects about the time in which they were created.

Through numismatics, we can trace the evolution of the economy, identify important historical events and even uncover the daily lives of ancient people.

Delving deeper into the universe of numismatists

For them, collecting is not just about accumulating objects, but about building a collection with historical and cultural significance. Each piece is carefully examined, cataloged and appreciated for its beauty and rarity.

The search for specific coins and medals can take numismatists on international trips, auctions and even archaeological digs.

Numismatics is also an important field of research for historians, economists and other specialists.

Through the study of coins and medals, it is possible to obtain information about monetary systems, commercial relationships, political events and even religious beliefs.

In Brazil, numismatics has a long tradition. Several specialized clubs and museums are spread across the country, promoting the study and appreciation of numismatics.

The Brazilian Numismatic Society (SNB), founded in 1953, is the main numismatic organization in the country, bringing together collectors, researchers and enthusiasts.

If you are interested in history, art, economics or simply enjoy collecting unique objects, numismatics could be a fascinating hobby for you.

Start by researching the subject, visiting museums and numismatic clubs and, who knows, starting your own collection.

With a little dedication, you can become a true expert in coins and medals, uncovering the secrets of the past and building a valuable collection full of history.

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