CNH, CPF and RG are going through TURNS in 2024; understand the changes

This year, important documents such as the CPF and ID are undergoing unmissable changes. Therefore, it is good to keep an eye out for a possible update.

In an era of impactful digital transformations, the documents that make up our legal identity are undergoing significant updates.

Recent changes to the National Driving License (CNH), the Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF) and the General Registry (RG) bring new features that promise to positively impact the lives of Brazilian citizens, offering more convenience, security and efficiency. Check out!

Some important changes are coming to documents such as the CPF. Understand how this affects you! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Important changes to documents: RG, CPF and CNH

Every year, some information about personal documents may end up changing, which is important to keep data closer to the real data needed for Brazilians.

This year, for example, some important information must change, which makes Brazilians aware of how to adapt to it. Check out.

CNH: free renewal for seniors

The first major change is excellent news for elderly people living in Amazonas. A new complementary law, in force since December 18, 2023, ensures free renewal of the driver’s license for people over 70 years of age.

This measure represents significant financial relief and recognizes the contribution of this age group to society, facilitating the maintenance of their independence and mobility.

CPF: advancement with facial recognition technology

The CPF, fundamental in the lives of all Brazilians, received a relevant technological upgrade. The IRS has introduced facial recognition technology to correct and prevent inconsistencies.

This innovation not only increases document security but also combats fraud, ensuring that public resources are divided correctly and fairly.

However, it is crucial to keep the CPF regularized, as irregularities can result in the blocking of bank accounts, preventing any type of financial movement.

In fact, to find out if your CPF is in good condition, simply access the official website of the Federal Revenue Service (log in with and observe the status.

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RG: transition to the National Identity Card (CIN)

The traditional RG is transforming. The government set a deadline of January 11th for all states and the Federal District to begin issuing the new CIN.

This innovative document unifies various citizen information into a single numerical combination, facilitating access to data and services.

With the CIN, information such as CNH, voter ID and work card will be available, simplifying bureaucratic processes and promoting greater efficiency in civil identification.

Furthermore, it is worth remembering that the first issuance of the CIN is free. So, if your document has already expired and you need to renew, take advantage. Payment is only for the second copy onwards!

Impact of document changes

These updates represent a significant advancement in the way we interact with public services and manage our legal identity in Brazil.

The free renewal of the CNH for the elderly, the implementation of facial recognition technology in the CPF and the introduction of the CIN are measures that reflect the commitment to innovation, security and social inclusion.

It is essential that all citizens are aware of these changes and understand how they affect their rights and duties.

Staying informed and ensuring the regularity of documents is essential to take advantage of the facilities and benefits that these transformations offer.

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