check TODAY (17/02) for extra payment through BB

Secure your extra payment of up to R$1,412 with Banco do Brasil now! Check the PASEP salary bonus today and boost your budget.

Have you heard the news? Banco do Brasil brought a gift to thousands of workers across the country.

We are talking about an extra payment that can reach R$1,412.00! That’s right, a golden opportunity to take that financial breath.

Just imagine: extra money coming into your account today. Banco do Brasil, with its initiative, offers thousands of Brazilians the PASEP salary bonus. Find out more below.

Banco do Brasil is releasing a salary bonus that could be yours! Consult now and see how to receive up to R$1,412 directly into your account. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Extra payment of R$ 1,412.00 for Brazilians through BB

The amount allocated to each worker varies depending on their length of service in 2022. If you served the entire year, the full amount can be yours.

For those who worked less, the calculation is proportional, ensuring justice for everyone. Did not understand? See the table below:

Months worked Allowance Value
1 month R$ 117,67
2 months R$ 235,33
3 months R$ 353,00
Four months R$ 470,65
5 months R$ 588,32
6 months R$ 706,00
7 months R$ 823,66
8 months R$ 941,33
9 months R$ 1.059,00
10 months R$ 1.176,68
11 months R$ 1.294,34
12 months R$ 1.412,00

How to check your right to extra payment from BB?

The good news is that checking to see if you’re on the receiving list is easy. While PIS is administered by Caixa, PASEP has its home at Banco do Brasil.

The query can be made simply, through the Digital Work Card or through the portal. All you need is your CPF and password to discover values ​​and dates.

Access the Digital Work Card:

PASEP 2024 payment calendar

To not miss this chance, it is vital to set the dates. The 2024 calendar is now available, organizing payments by month of birth or final registration number. Check it out:

Here is the PASEP calendar organized in a table:

Final registration Payday
0 February 15th
1 March, 15
2 April 15
3 April 15
4 15th May
5 15th May
6 June 17th
7 June 17th
8 July 15
9 August 15th

This way, everyone knows when and how to receive their benefit.

Who is entitled to the extra BB payment?

Namely, to pocket this extra money, some criteria must be met. Did you work for 30 days in 2022 with a monthly salary of up to two minimum wages?

Did your employer inform your data correctly in eSocial and RAIS? Have you been registered with PIS/PASEP for five years?

Anyway, if in all cases the answer is yes, get ready to smile.

Make the most of your salary bonus

In short, this allowance is more than a simple amount. It's recognition for your hard work. With Banco do Brasil facilitating access, it's time to plan.

Therefore, check today the amount you are entitled to receive and make this allowance a step towards improving your life or making your dreams come true.

Banco do Brasil is with open arms to help you take advantage of this opportunity. Do not waste time!

So check your balance and see how this extra payment can be a game-changer for your budget.

Furthermore, remember: planning is key. Use this resource wisely, whether to alleviate debt, invest in a personal project or simply to give yourself a well-deserved rest.

The important thing is that this salary bonus adds up, bringing more peace of mind and possibilities to your daily life.

In short, don’t let this chance pass you by. The extra payment from Banco do Brasil is a valuable help in these times. Consult, plan and enjoy. Your effort deserves to be rewarded.

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