Check out an exclusive SECRET to INCREASE your Nubank card limit; INFALLIBLE technique

The Nubank card limit is something that can make all the difference when the customer needs to make installment purchases, for example. So it’s good to increase it!

Nubank, always at the forefront of financial solutions, brings yet another new feature to its customers: "Nu Limite Garantido".

This innovation allows Nubank card users to increase their credit limit in a practical and intelligent way, using an amount invested as collateral.

Therefore, if you need a higher limit to make more purchases on credit, see how to use this functionality to your advantage. Let’s go?

Need to increase the limit on your Nubank card? Find out how to do this simply! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How to open an account at Nubank?

First of all, it is important to learn how to open an account with fintech, so you can use all the services it offers.

That said, to open an account with Nubank, download the app (Android: or iOS:

Fill in your personal details as requested, including CPF and email. After completing the registration, wait for approval analysis by Nubank.

How to order the Nubank card?

Next, another important strategy is to request plastic so you can start building your relationship with the bank.

In this sense, to request the Nubank card, after having your account approved, access the application and look for the credit card request option.

Fill in the additional information required and submit your request. Nubank will carry out a credit analysis and, if approved, will send your card.

How Nu Limite Guaranteed works

Now that you’ve opened the account and have the card, let’s see how to increase the limit. In short, the process is simple and straightforward.

If you want to increase the limit on your Nubank card, you can deposit an amount in a special "box" in the format of RDB (Bank Deposit Receipt) in your Nubank account.

This amount will serve as a guarantee for increasing your card limit, enabling better planning and management of your expenses.

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Step by step to access

Open the Nubank app and select the credit card section;Navigate to "My Limits" and choose "Nu Limite Garantido";Follow the instructions, define the amount to be transferred to the guarantee and complete the deposit.

Advantages of the Guaranteed Nu Limit

Flexibility: adjust your card limit according to your needs and financial planning; Yield: the amount deposited as collateral yields at a rate of 100% of the CDI, increasing your equity; Redemption: you can redeem the amount invested at any time, as long as is not being used to cover card purchases.

The Nu Limite Garantido is further proof of Nubank’s commitment to offering solutions that not only make the financial lives of its customers easier, but also provide security and total control over their resources.

With this new functionality, Nubank reaffirms its position as one of the most innovative digital banks on the market.

Take advantage of the Nubank card functions!

In summary, Nubank’s Nu Limite Garantido is an excellent tool for those looking for greater flexibility and control over their credit card limit.

With ease of use, return on the amount invested and the possibility of redemption, this new feature stands out as another important differentiator for Nubank in the financial sector.

If you are a Nubank customer and looking to optimize your credit limit, this could be the solution you were looking for!

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