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SiSU 2024 has already taken place, but it’s always good to check which courses had the most interaction with interested parties to get an idea of ​​what it will be like in the coming years.

The Unified Selection System (SiSU) is one of the most important gateways to higher education in Brazil, using Enem scores to classify candidates for a place at public universities.

This year, thousands of people participated in the selection process, as usual, but some interesting information has just become available. Check out!

Did you participate in SiSU 2024? See some interesting information about this year’s courses! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Which courses had the most registrations at SiSU 2024?

At first, as in other years, with SiSU 2024 the scenario was no different and some courses stood out both in terms of the number of applicants and successful candidates, revealing trends and preferences of Brazilian students. See below.

Pedagogy, Administration and Law: trio leads in approvals

Firstly, at SiSU 2024, Pedagogy surprised by leading the ranking of courses with the most approvals, closely followed by Administration and Law.

This trend reflects a search for traditional and consolidated training in the job market, which promises not only knowledge, but also versatility and opportunities to work in different areas.

Medicine continues to be a goal

Then, as expected, Medicine maintained its position as the most coveted course, easily leading the number of applications.

A career in healthcare is known not only for its prestige and the promise of a meaningful role in people’s lives, but also for the challenges and intense dedication it requires.

Law and Administration complete the top 3, remaining popular choices among candidates.

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Diversity of interests at SiSU 2024

The variety in courses with the highest number of registrations and approvals shows that Brazilian students are exploring different fields of knowledge.

Courses such as Psychology, Nursing and Biological Sciences also stood out, indicating a growing interest in human and health sciences.

What do the SiSU 2024 choices indicate?

SiSU 2024 data offers us a window into young people’s aspirations and expectations regarding their professional future.

In general, the search for traditional courses, such as Pedagogy, Administration and Law, suggests an appreciation for stability and professional versatility.

On the other hand, the continued fascination with Medicine and the growing interest in areas such as Psychology and Nursing reflect a desire to contribute in a meaningful way to society, in addition to seeking personal career fulfillment.

Deadline to supplement Fies registration has begun

Finally, the deadline begins today for candidates who had their applications to the Student Financing Fund (Fies) postponed to complete the process.

Available to participants in the selection processes for the first and second semester of 2023, the deadline extends until the evening of Friday, February 9th.

How to complete the registration process?

Students must complete their registration on the unified higher education access portal, thus starting to count the deadlines for the subsequent stages.

After completion, candidates will have five working days to validate the documentation at the educational institution and ten days, starting from the third working day after validation, to formalize the contract with the financial agent.

This process is crucial for formalizing financing, with the possibility of a digital signature depending on the consent of the institution and the financial agent.

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