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Consultation on the IRPF 2024 residual batch is available, benefiting more than 208 thousand taxpayers with refunds exceeding R$304 million.

The February 2024 Personal Income Tax (IRPF) residual batch marks a crucial step for taxpayers seeking to regularize their tax situation and potentially receive late refunds.

The Brazilian Federal Revenue opened the consultation for this batch, offering thousands of Brazilians the chance to settle their accounts with the tax authorities and, for many, the opportunity to receive significant amounts.

This moment is particularly important for the elderly, teachers, and people with disabilities or serious illnesses, who are prioritized in the process. Continue reading this article to find out how to make the inquiry.

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Find out how to consult the Income Tax residual batch

The residual batch of Income Tax (IRPF) for February 2024 is an opportunity for taxpayers to settle their accounts with the Tax Authorities and, potentially, receive late amounts.

The Federal Revenue has released the consultation for this batch, which benefits 208,323 taxpayers, totaling more than R$304.1 million in refunds.

Priorities were established for the elderly, people with disabilities or serious illnesses, and teachers. The remaining beneficiaries include those who used the pre-filled declaration or chose to receive it via PIX.

Find out how to consult

To consult, taxpayers can access the Federal Revenue website or use the mobile application, providing CPF, date of birth, and other requested data.

If the refund is available, but cannot be deposited due to problems such as a deactivated account, the amount can be redeemed at Banco do Brasil within one year.

It is essential for taxpayers to keep their banking information up to date to avoid receiving inconveniences.

Access the website via this link:

New IRPF table in 2024: everything you need to know

The new Income Tax table for 2024 has already been made official by the federal government.

Provisional Measure (MP) 1,160/2023, published in January 2024, proposes some important changes that could impact taxpayers’ pockets.

Check out the main changes proposed in the MP:

Increase in the exemption range: The income tax exemption range would increase from R$1,903.98 to R$2,112.00 per month. This means that people who earn up to this amount would not pay income tax in 2024. Expansion of deductions: The MP proposes the expansion of deductions for dependents, alimony, health and education expenses. Creation of a new tax on profits and dividends: The MP creates a new tax on profits and dividends distributed by companies.

Other changes

The progressive income tax rate table can also be changed. Furthermore, the rules for deductions and exemptions can be modified.


Finally, to send the Annual Income Tax Declaration, you need to organize your documents in advance. It is worth noting that the document must be submitted by May 31st.

If you see a need, it is recommended to consult an accountant or income tax specialist to answer any questions and prepare for the declaration.

The professional will be able to inform you whether you are entitled to a refund, for example, as well as the documents that must be delivered to the agency.

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