cashback, limit above R$13 thousand and more

Explore the new CAIXA VISA Infinite card with cashback and limit of R$15,000! Discover advantages that challenge Nubank, including points on purchases and exclusive benefits.

The credit card market in Brazil is witnessing a dramatic change with the arrival of the new Caixa Econômica Federal card.

This financial product, called CAIXA VISA Infinite Card, brings a series of advantages that are making the public rethink their choices, especially those who are fans of Nubank.

To find out the main details of this new tool, read on!

The new CAIXA card redefines the financial market with a surprising limit and attractive rewards. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Caixa Econômica launches new card: limit and benefits impress

Caixa’s new card comes with an initial limit of R$15,000, a considerably high value that highlights its value proposition.

In addition to the attractive limit, the card offers more than 12 exclusive benefits, including a generous points program, which allows you to accumulate points to exchange for airline tickets and other products.

Where is the new Caixa card accepted?

The CAIXA VISA Infinite Card is accepted in a vast network of establishments around the world, offering unparalleled flexibility for national and international purchases.

This card is not just a payment tool, but a passport to a world of possibilities and exclusivity.

Target audience and requirements

Aimed at individuals over 18 years of age (or over 16 years of age with specific conditions) and with their own income, the Caixa card seeks to serve a diverse audience, offering facilities and advantages that adapt to the different needs of customers.

This card offers not only a high limit, but also an advantageous points scheme, with 2.3 points for every dollar spent on domestic purchases and 3.2 points for international purchases.

The annual fee, divided into 12 installments of R$69.00, comes with the option of cashback, and additional cards are exempt from annual fees.

Exclusives that delight

In principle, in addition to the traditional benefits, the CAIXA VISA Infinite Card includes a series of exclusivities:

Vai de Visa: Access to special offers and promotions.Visa Causas: Contributions to social causes at no additional cost.Miscellaneous insurance: Purchase protection, global medical emergency, rental vehicles.Visa Concierge and Luxury Hotel Collection: Concierge services and benefits in selected hotels. Travel protection: Coverage for trip cancellation, missed flight connection, delay or lost luggage.

Furthermore, the CAIXA VISA Infinite Card offers an attractive annual fee cashback system, allowing users to recover up to 100% of the monthly installment.

The cashback value varies depending on monthly spending, encouraging continued use of the card.

How to acquire the new Caixa card?

Existing Caixa customers can request the card easily via the app, Internet Banking or the CAIXA Cards App.

Namely, for new customers, the request can be initiated at a Caixa Aqui branch or correspondent. Additional information, such as contracts and fee tables, are available on the Caixa website.

Finally, the new CAIXA VISA Infinite Card arrives to revolutionize the market, offering a combination of high limit, exclusive benefits and facilities that position it as a strong alternative to traditional cards, including the popular Nubank.

Finally, with this new development, Caixa Econômica Federal reaffirms its commitment to offering innovative and accessible financial products to all Brazilians.

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