Cash in 2024 will be UNBELIEVABLE!

The new savings law will transform Caixa in 2024, offering incredible benefits for students. Find out how to guarantee R$3,000 and more with the Pé de Meia program.

Imagine opening your Caixa app in 2024 and seeing your savings account flourishing like never before. This scenario is closer than you think, thanks to the new savings law.

Right now, we are on the brink of a financial and educational revolution, driven by government initiatives that promise to change the game for Brazilian students.

Curious about the changes with the new savings law? So, keep reading.

In 2024, Caixa promises to revolutionize with the new savings law, bringing financial incentives to students. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Discover the new savings law

It’s no secret that education has always been the key to personal and professional development. But what if, in addition to knowledge, students could also guarantee a more stable financial future?

This is exactly what the new savings law promises. A future where studying not only enriches your mind, but also your bank account.

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The Nesting Program

The heart of this transformation is the Pé de Meia Program. A visionary initiative that not only recognizes students’ academic efforts, but also rewards them in a tangible way.

Imagine a world where every day of school contributes not only to your education, but also to a fund that supports your future dreams.

The details that matter

At the beginning of the school year, an amount of R$200 is deposited as an initial incentive. Presence and performance in the classroom are rewarded with up to R$1,800 annually.

And at the end of high school, a generous prize of R$3,000 awaits those who persevered. For those who take the Enem exam, the bonus is even sweeter, with an extra R$200.

A closer look at Lula’s gifts

Start on the Right Foot: R$200 just for enrolling, an incentive to start the year with motivation.The Value of Perseverance: Attendance and good grades can increase your savings by up to R$1,800 per year.The Reward Final: When you cross the high school finish line, a bonus of R$3,000 celebrates your success.

The additional incentive for Enem participants emphasizes the importance of continuing education, preparing the ground for future academic and professional achievements.

The transformative impact

In addition to the individual benefits, this initiative has the potential to reshape the country’s educational and economic landscape.

Encouraging education and rewarding student commitment can raise the bar for the future workforce, reducing inequality and fostering a more equitable society.

Looking to the future with the new savings law

The Pé de Meia Program is more than a simple financial incentive; It is an investment in the future of young Brazilians.

By supporting students’ educational journey, we are not only ensuring a brighter future for them, but also strengthening the foundations of our society.

A call to action

This is a time of great expectation and opportunity. If you are a student or know someone who is, now is the time to get informed and prepare to make the most of this innovative initiative.

The new savings law promises to make 2024 a truly unbelievable year for Caixa and for students across the country.

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