Can WhatsApp messages DISAPPEAR? Understand the backup controversy!

The application is widely used by Brazilians. Users fear that their files will disappear with a new Google update.

The digital age has brought the convenience of unlimited backups to our WhatsApp conversations, ensuring that switching Android devices doesn’t result in the loss of important messages.

However, in 2024, this facility faced a turnaround. Google Drive, the top choice for storing WhatsApp backups, has introduced a 15GB limit for non-paying users. This significant change affects data management.

It requires new strategies to preserve conversation history. We will explore the implications of this limitation and alternatives for keeping our information secure while maintaining ease of access to it.

Will all WhatsApp messages disappear? Understand

WhatsApp users on Android devices face a significant change in the way their backups are stored on Google Drive.

Previously, backup copies of the application’s conversations, videos and images had no space limitations in Drive, making it easier to preserve message history, useful when changing devices without losing data.

However, from 2024, this reality has changed with the introduction of a 15 GB limit for storage on Google Drive for non-paying accounts.

In Spain, a country with more than 35.8 million active WhatsApp users, the majority using Android devices, this change directly impacts the convenience previously offered by unlimited backup.

The limitation imposes on users the need to manage the available space or look for alternatives to ensure the continued storage of their information.

One of the proposed solutions is to create a Gmail account dedicated exclusively to WhatsApp backups.

In this way, the 15 GB offered free of charge by Google Drive would only be used to store the application’s message history and multimedia files, optimizing the use of available space.

Another alternative is to subscribe to Google One, a paid service that offers 100 GB of storage for 1.99 euros per month or 19.99 euros per year, providing a more adequate amount of space for extensive storage needs.

It is important to note that Google Workspace accounts, used in work or academic environments, are not affected by this limit, allowing backups without restrictions.

For those looking for free options, it is possible to choose to back up just texts, excluding multimedia files, which require more space.

Additionally, Meta offers the functionality to directly transfer data from one phone to another, as long as both are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, eliminating the need for external backups.

Activating backup on Android is simple, requiring just a few steps within the WhatsApp app, from selecting a Google account to defining the frequency of backups.

This change in WhatsApp storage on Google Drive highlights the importance of consciously managing digital space

It encourages users to explore alternatives that suit their data storage and security needs.

More messenger information

One of the great attractions of WhatsApp is its simplicity and ease of use. With an intuitive interface, it allows people of all ages to communicate efficiently.

Furthermore, the application offers features such as groups, which facilitate communication between several people simultaneously, and the possibility of sharing location in real time.

WhatsApp also adapted to the needs of companies, launching WhatsApp Business.

This version of the application allows companies to create an official profile, facilitating communication with customers through automated messages, quick responses and message statistics.

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