Can I ride a motorcycle WITHOUT a driver's license? Check out which models have this permission!

The CTB has clear rules: to drive, every driver must have a license. However, there are cases that allow the driver to ride a motorcycle without a driver’s license.

Although the National Driving License (CNH) is essential to drive most vehicles in Brazil, there is an exception for certain models of motorcycles.

In general, it is always important that drivers not only have the document, but also keep it up to date, renewing it when necessary.

Despite this, in certain situations the pilot does not necessarily need to worry about issuing the document, but it is good to pay attention to which ones. Check out!

Did you know that you can ride a motorcycle without a driver’s license? Check out what options are available! / Photo: publicity

Can I ride a motorcycle without a driver’s license?

According to the Brazilian Traffic Code, two- or three-wheeled vehicles with an engine of up to 50 cylinders (cc) and a maximum speed of up to 50 km/h, classified as mopeds, can be driven without a driver’s license, requiring only the Authorization to Drive Moped (ACC).

Models that fall into the category

Some examples of models that can be driven without a driver’s license, following the moped classification, include:

Luna: known as an electric bicycle, this option is popular among those looking for practicality in everyday life; Caloi Mobylette El├ętrica: a modern version of the traditional mobylette, which marked an era among young people; Tailg Dyfly: electric bicycle with an elegant design, reminiscent of a small scooter;Loop K1: stands out for its innovative design and ability to fold, facilitating storage;Tailg Junior: robust electric scooter, supporting up to 120 kg;S1 Smart Bike: offers greater power, reaching speeds of up to 40 km/h quickly.

Even for vehicles that do not require a driver’s license, it is crucial to respect traffic rules and use appropriate protective equipment.

Additionally, it is essential to check local regulations, as each state may have specific rules for driving these vehicles.

Riding a motorcycle without a driver’s license may seem like a convenient alternative for many, but always prioritize safety and make sure you comply with traffic laws. These measures not only protect you, but also other road users.

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What if I ride a motorcycle without a driver’s license outside of these rules?

Riding a motorcycle without a driver’s license is considered a very serious offense according to the CTB. In other words, you can acquire a fine of R$293.47 in addition to 7 points on your license.

This action results in, in addition to the fine, seizure of the vehicle. The infraction reflects the importance of having the appropriate training and legal authorization to drive motor vehicles, ensuring knowledge of traffic regulations and road safety.

The CNH ensures that the driver has undergone the necessary theoretical and practical assessments, emphasizing responsibility and traffic safety, both for the driver and other road users.

Other infractions that deserve attention

In addition to riding without a driver’s license, two other common infractions for motorcyclists include not wearing a helmet and dangerous driving:

Failure to use a helmet, both by the driver and the passenger, is considered a very serious infraction, resulting in a fine and points on the license, due to the significant risk of serious injuries in accidents; Dangerous driving, such as carrying out risky maneuvers, overtaking improperly or driving at high speed, it is also a very serious infraction.

These actions put the safety of the motorcyclist and other road users at risk, and can lead to severe penalties, including fines, suspension of the driver’s license and, in extreme cases, detention.

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