Can Brazilians with the name SUJO lose Bolsa Família? February RELEASE reveals!

Bolsa Família is a benefit that aims to help everyone who is in poverty or extreme poverty. Therefore, the fear of losing the benefit is great.

Recently, rumors circulated that worried many Bolsa Família beneficiaries, suggesting that having a "dirty name" could lead to the benefit being blocked or canceled.

For this reason, thousands of Brazilians began to worry about the possibility of payment suspension, but does this really happen? Check out.

Can having a bad name really make you lose Bolsa Família? Discover the whole truth! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Can a dirty name lead to the cancellation of Bolsa Família?

As previously stated, the objective of Bolsa Família is to help those who are in vulnerable situations. This means that it makes no sense to lose the benefit due to a bad name.

In other words, it is essential to clarify: financial debts do not affect the regularity of the CPF or eligibility for the program.

The Federal Government denied these allegations, reinforcing that Bolsa Família follows specific criteria, not related to the credit status of individuals.

How to keep Bolsa Família up to date

To avoid unpleasant surprises, family guardians must pay attention to messages on payment statements, in the program application (Android: or iOS: or in Caixa Tem (Android: or iOS:

If you have any doubts about your registration status, you can check your CPF on the Federal Revenue website or use the Single Registry (CadÚnico) application.

Important: irregularities in the CPF may occur due to registration discrepancies or problems in the Federal Revenue database, and it is vital to regularize the situation to prevent blockages or cancellations of the benefit.

Risk factors for benefit

The Ministry of Social Development (MDS) announces that beneficiaries with irregular registrations will be notified and guided on how to check and regularize their CPF status.

Furthermore, maintaining updated information in CadÚnico is crucial to avoid interruptions in receiving Bolsa Família.

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Process steps: suspension, cut and veto

In summary, the program foresees different stages in relation to the granting of the benefit, including temporary suspension for reevaluation, immediate cut with the possibility of recovery after regularization, and veto, which represents the definitive loss of the benefit.

Affected beneficiaries have up to 30 days after the suspension or cut to regularize their situation with CRAS, with the government having up to 60 days to reevaluate and, if applicable, resume payments, including retroactive ones.

In short, it is essential that Bolsa Família beneficiaries keep their data up to date and regularly consult official information to avoid misunderstandings and ensure the continuity of the support that the program provides.

Demystifying rumors and understanding the correct procedures contributes to the peace of mind and safety of program participants.

February Program Calendar

Finally, the payment of Bolsa Família in February has already started. See when you can receive your benefit:

Final NIS: 1 – payment delivered on 16/2;Final NIS: 2 – payment delivered on 19/2;Final NIS: 3 – payment delivered on 20/2;Final NIS: 4 – payment delivered on 21/ 2;Final of NIS: 5 – payment delivered on 2/22;Final of NIS: 6 – payment delivered on 23/2;Final of NIS: 7 – payment delivered on 2/26;Final of NIS: 8 – payment delivered on 27/2;Final of NIS: 9 – payment delivered on 28/2;Final of NIS: 0 – payment delivered on 29/2.

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