Can the best-selling medicine in Brazil be fatal? Anvisa makes discovery and ban, understand

We have a bombshell about the best-selling medicine in Brazil! Find out everything about Anvisa’s warning, and see if using the medicine could be dangerous.

A turnaround in the Brazilian pharmaceutical scenario draws attention to a critical issue: the safety of the country’s best-selling medicines.

Anvisa, the national regulatory authority, recently uncovered worrying information about a widely marketed product, shedding light on the unexpected risks associated with its use.

Is Brazil’s best-selling medicine dangerous? Credit: Reproduction.

Anvisa's operations in Brazil

Firstly, it is crucial that we understand the role of Anvisa, the National Health Surveillance Agency.

As an agency linked to the Ministry of Health, Anvisa is the beacon that guides health security in Brazil, regulating products and services that directly impact our health.

Its mission goes beyond simply monitoring; it protects and promotes public health by ensuring the quality and safety of food, cosmetics, medicines and more.

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Anvisa warns about Brazil’s best-selling medicine

Recently, the O Globo portal brought worrying information to light: Anvisa identified a fake batch of the best-selling medicine in Brazil, triggering a series of regulatory actions.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is a global shortage of medicines known as GLP-1 agonists, such as semaglutide, the active ingredient in the renowned Ozempic and Wegovy. This shortage has fueled the market for counterfeit versions, putting consumers’ health at risk.

What can the use of fake medicines do?

Counterfeiting of medicines is a serious problem, which compromises the effectiveness of treatment and can lead to toxic reactions.

The WHO warns that these counterfeit versions, often sold through unregulated means, such as social networks, do not pass the scrutiny of health authorities and can be produced in unsanitary conditions and contain dangerous impurities.

What did Anvisa find in the best-selling medicine?

The fake batch identified by Anvisa, code MP5A064, valid until October 2025 and packaging in Spanish, presented alarming discrepancies in relation to the original product, including the concentration of the active ingredient and the language on the packaging.

These differences are clear indications of falsification, leading Anvisa to prohibit the sale of these units and intensify inspection actions.

Monitoring and awareness are essential

In addition to the specific ban on fake batches, Anvisa also issued a warning about the sale and dissemination of products without registration, notification or registration with the agency.

One of the examples cited is a website where MANUAL brand medicines, manufactured by an unknown company and in violation of Brazilian legislation, were being advertised.

This scenario reinforces the importance of continuous vigilance and awareness of the risks associated with purchasing medicines outside regulated channels.

Anvisa, by identifying and acting against the circulation of counterfeit products, plays a crucial role in protecting public health.

The importance of warning about the best-selling medicine in Brazil

The case of counterfeit batches of the best-selling medicine in Brazil serves as a vital reminder of the importance of purchasing medicines only from reliable and regulated establishments.

It is essential to check the origin of pharmaceutical products and be wary of offers well below the market price, which may indicate the sale of counterfeit or smuggled items.

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Safety first

The discovery made by Anvisa about the falsification of the best-selling medicine in Brazil is a call to attention for all of us. It reinforces the need to always be alert and informed about the products we consume, especially when it comes to our health.

Safety must always come first, and it is our duty as consumers to ensure that we are purchasing legitimate and safe medicines.

Anvisa continues to be our ally on this journey, working tirelessly to protect public health and ensure that medicines available on the Brazilian market are effective, safe and of quality.

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