Caixa will release R$1,059.00 directly into Brazilians’ ACCOUNTS; see if you will receive it!

Beneficiaries will be able to access, this month, the amounts they have been waiting for. This is an unmissable bonus, paid by Caixa and Banco do Brasil.

Caixa Econômica Federal has just announced excellent news for Brazilian workers: the release of the PIS/PASEP benefit for 2024.

This benefit, which can reach up to R$1,059.00, is a significant financial relief for many, bringing a little more peace of mind to personal finances. Check out!

Have you ever thought about being able to earn more than a thousand reais directly in your account? See who Caixa will present with the amount! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Understanding the benefit of Caixa

The PIS (Social Integration Program) and the PASEP (Public Servant Asset Formation Program) were created with the aim of integrating the worker into the development of the company, in addition to providing an income supplement, guaranteeing an additional amount based on time. of service in the base year.

Values ​​for 2024

In 2024, PIS/PASEP values ​​will be proportional to the number of months worked in the base year 2022.

The minimum value, for those who worked just one month, is R$117.67, and the maximum value, for those who worked the whole year, can reach R$1,412.00.

Salary bonus eligibility criteria

To be entitled to the benefit, you must:

Be registered with PIS/PASEP for at least five years; Have worked with a formal contract for at least 30 days in 2022; Have not received more than two monthly minimum wages; Have labor information updated at RAIS.

How to check your right to Caixa benefit

PIS/PASEP consultation can be done quickly and securely through the Digital Work Card application (Android: or iOS:

This tool allows workers to check the amount and date of receipt of the benefit, facilitating financial planning.

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Payment calendar

The payment calendar has been adjusted for greater convenience, aligning payment dates with the worker’s month of birth or the final PASEP registration number.

This change simplifies access to the benefit, allowing workers to have this additional resource at an appropriate time of the year.


Born in January: from February 15th Born in February: from March 15th Born in March: from April 15th Born in April: from April 15th Born in May: from May 15th Born in June: a from May 15th Born in July: from June 17th Born in August: from June 17th Born in September: from July 15th Born in October: from July 15th Born in November: from August 15th Born in December: from August 15th.


NIS final 0: February 15NIS final 1: March 15NIS final 2 and 3: April 15NIS final 4 and 5: May 15NIS final 6 and 7: June 17NIS final 8: July 15NIS final 9: August 15

Positive impact on workers' lives

The release of PIS/PASEP by Caixa represents more than financial support; It is a recognition of the value of work and a way of encouraging continued personal and professional development.

This benefit is an opportunity to balance your finances, invest in personal projects or simply breathe a sigh of relief in the face of everyday expenses.

Take advantage of this opportunity through Caixa!

Be sure to check if your CPF is on the list to receive PIS/PASEP in 2024. This could be the chance you’ve been waiting for to give your finances a boost.

Be aware of deadlines and requirements to ensure you don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity.

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