Caixa will release 9 installments of R$200.00 and BONUS of R$1,000 for Brazilians

Find out how Caixa will release 9 installments of R$200 and a bonus of R$1,000 for Brazilians. Take advantage of this unique opportunity for financial and educational support!

Imagine being able to count on extra help right now? It would be great, wouldn’t it?

Well, this news will warm hearts: Caixa Econômica Federal, always one step ahead when it comes to social inclusion, announced a benefit that promises to change the game.

Now, talking about numbers, who wouldn’t like to receive 9 installments of R$200.00 and a generous bonus of R$1,000? Yes it’s real! Find out more below.

Check out how to receive 9 installments of R$200 and a bonus of R$1,000 from Caixa. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Caixa bonus for Brazilians

Caixa is not just a bank. It is an instrument of social transformation, touching lives through programs such as Bolsa Família.

These programs are true pillars in the fight against inequality, supporting the most vulnerable families in our country.

Financial inclusion, then, is not even mentioned! Opening the doors of the banking system to outsiders is a silent but powerful revolution.

With this new development, Caixa goes further, inserting a new chapter in its history of supporting Brazilians. There are 9 installments of R$200.00 that will find their way into the lives of many, in addition to a bonus that is, literally, the icing on the cake. But how does this all work?

Discover the Pé-de-Meia program

The "Pé de Meia" program arrives as a beacon of hope. Designed for low-income students, its objective is clear: to reduce school dropout rates.

After all, every student who stays in school is a promise of a brighter future. At the start of each academic year, eligible students receive R$200.

This, over the three years of high school, adds up to R$600, just upon enrollment. But does not stop there.

School regularity and performance are rewarded with 9 more annual installments of R$200. And, upon successfully completing each annual cycle, another R$1,000 smiles upon the student.

3rd year students have yet another reason to dedicate themselves: a R$200 bonus when signing up for Enem.

This shows that Caixa is playing along with young people, encouraging not only formal education, but also preparation for the future.

How to participate in the Pé-de-Meia program?

Now, the most important part: how can you be part of this program, which is a true investment in the future?

First, you must be a high school student at a public school. Being registered with CadÚnico is another requirement, ensuring that the benefit reaches those who really need it.

Annual enrollment is the initial passport, followed by maintaining a minimum attendance of 80% and approval at the end of the year.

Participating in official exams, such as Saeb and, in the last year, Enem, is part of the commitment.

The real impact of the Caixa bonus

"Pé de Meia" is not just a program. It is an investment in youth, education and, by extension, in the future of Brazil.

Caixa, once again, shows itself not only as a financial institution, but as a life partner for Brazilians.

This is the type of news we want to spread: initiatives that make a difference, that transform lives and that build a fairer country.

So, how about sharing this news? Let’s make this information reach every corner, allowing more young people and families to benefit from this great opportunity.

After all, when we talk about education and financial support, we are talking about dreams being built, step by step. And Caixa is here to help, to make these dreams become reality.

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