Caixa Tem app helps you consult and receive Bolsa Família, Unemployment Insurance, FGTS and more

Explore the features of the Caixa Tem App: manage Bolsa Família, FGTS and Unemployment Insurance in a practical and safe way.

Developed by Caixa Econômica Federal, the Caixa Tem App is a milestone in the democratization of access to financial services in Brazil.

With an intuitive design and a friendly interface, it promises to transform the way you manage benefits such as Bolsa Família, FGTS and Unemployment Insurance.

But this is just the beginning! Immerse yourself in this journey with us and discover how Caixa Tem can be your ally in your everyday life.

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Caixa Tem app: innovation and practicality at your fingertips

Innovation has arrived to make the financial lives of millions of Brazilians easier! With the Caixa Tem App, Caixa Econômica Federal brought together several public benefits in one place.

Imagine resolving your financial issues without leaving home, avoiding queues and crowds. With this app, this is possible!

A trio of benefits on your smartphone

Caixa Tem is a true financial Swiss army knife! Namely, it embraces three essential benefits: Bolsa Família, FGTS and Unemployment Insurance.

But first, a simple registration on the app is required. Once done, a universe of facilities opens up to you.

1. Receiving Bolsa Família through the Caixa Tem app

You, Bolsa Família beneficiary, now have a strong ally! Payments for the program are made directly at Caixa Tem.

The government announces the calendar monthly, and the amounts are released according to the schedule. With the app, in addition to receiving payments, you can also pay bills, make online purchases and transfers.

This is, therefore, the convenience you deserve, without the hassle!

2. Receiving FGTS through the Caixa Tem app

FGTS is now closer to you, thanks to Caixa Tem. Choose between different withdrawal methods, suited to each need.

Do you want to make a birthday withdrawal or do you need a calamity withdrawal? All of this is accessible through the app.

Each option is designed to suit specific situations, ensuring you have the support you need whenever you need it.

3. Receiving Unemployment Insurance through the Caixa Tem app

What about Unemployment Insurance? It’s also in Caixa Tem! Therefore, if you were dismissed without just cause, request your benefit directly through the app.

If you haven’t indicated a bank account in the Digital Work Card application, don’t worry.

Caixa creates an account for you, simplifying access to the benefit. All of this using just your CPF!

More than benefits: a universe of possibilities

In addition to the services already mentioned, Caixa Tem offers a wide variety of features. This way, you can check balances, make deposits, and even pay bills and taxes.

Security is a strong point of the app, which uses cutting-edge technology to protect your data and transactions.

Furthermore, for those who like additional facilities, the application has a virtual debit card, perfect for online purchases.

Accessibility and digital inclusion

Caixa Tem is not just a financial application, it is a digital inclusion tool. This is because it was designed to be accessible, even for those who are not used to technology.

With a simple layout and clear instructions, the app is friendly for all ages. In this sense, it represents an important step in reducing digital inequality, providing access to essential services for a vast portion of the population.

Caixa Tem: an app for all times

The Caixa Tem App is a powerful tool for those looking for practicality and efficiency. It not only simplifies access to your benefits, but also offers a range of financial services at the touch of a button.

It’s modernity working to make your life easier. Download now and discover a world of possibilities!

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