Caixa Tem and payment of R$1,200; consult and find out if your CPF is included to receive

See how the new Bolsa Família payment model can benefit large families, offering up to R$1,278.01 via Caixa Tem.

Bolsa Família, one of the most important social programs in Brazil, underwent a significant change in its payment model, bringing good news for beneficiary families.

Now, many of them have the opportunity to receive larger amounts, such as R$1,278.01, and the question remains: "Is your CPF on the list to receive this amount through Caixa Tem?"

We have the answer. So, keep reading.

Check if your CPF is on the list to receive R$1,278.01 from Bolsa Família through Caixa Tem in 2024. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

New payment model for Bolsa Família

The new Bolsa Família payment model brought a relevant change that benefits large families. For example, families with 9 or more members are entitled to receive the total amount of R$1,278.01.

This amount is calculated considering the Citizenship Income Benefit, which grants R$142 to each family member, regardless of age.

In turn, this update seeks to provide a fairer distribution of resources, taking into account the needs of families with a greater number of members.

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Who is entitled to receive Bolsa Família in 2024?

To guarantee access to Bolsa Família payments in 2024, it is necessary to meet some requirements.

Firstly, the monthly family income per person must be a maximum of R$218. Furthermore, it is essential to be registered in the Single Registry with correct and updated information.

Registration can be carried out free of charge at a Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS).

Once registered, families can check whether their CPF is on the list to receive the benefit through the Caixa Tem application, the digital platform used to transfer amounts.

Additional benefits of Bolsa Família

In addition to the Citizenship Income Benefit, Bolsa Família offers a series of extra benefits to meet the needs of Brazilian families.

The Early Childhood Benefit, for example, provides an additional R$150 for each child aged between zero and seven years old.

The Family Variable Benefit grants an increase of R$50 for pregnant women and children and adolescents between the ages of 7 and 18.

The Nutriz Family Variable Benefit offers an additional R$50 for each family member with up to seven incomplete months.

Values ​​of additional benefits

Additional benefit amounts vary according to family size. Families with up to 4 people receive a minimum amount of R$600.

For families with 5 members, the value is R$710, and so on, ensuring that larger families receive amounts proportional to the size of the family nucleus.

Check if your CPF is on the Caixa Tem payment list

Now that you are up to date with the new Bolsa Família payment model and the additional benefits offered, it is crucial to check if your CPF is on the list to receive the amount of R$1,278.01 through Caixa Tem.

Carrying out this query is simple. Just access the Caixa Tem app and enter your CPF. The application will immediately inform you if you are on the list to receive the benefit. If your CPF is on the list, follow the application’s instructions to move the amounts.

With this information, you are ready to take advantage of the new Bolsa Família payment model and guarantee your benefit.

Finally, remember to keep your data updated in the Cadastro Único so as not to miss any opportunity to improve your family’s standard of living with the additional benefits offered by the program.

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