Caixa Tem and the extra WITHDRAWAL of R$ 102.00 in February; know everything!

Cashier Tem is responsible for paying various social benefits, including an extra amount that is available from this month. However, only some people are entitled!

This February, Bolsa Família beneficiaries have a special reason to smile: an increase of R$102 in their benefits.

This news not only brings financial relief, but also reinforces the program’s commitment to supporting the most vulnerable families in Brazil. Check out what’s new in the app!

This month, Caixa Tem is releasing an additional payment for beneficiaries. Check out! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Understanding the Caixa Tem increase

Initially, the increase comes through Auxílio Gás, an initiative aimed at low-income families, with the aim of reducing the impact of cooking gas costs.

To be eligible, you must be registered in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico) and have a per capita income of up to half a minimum wage, or a total family income of up to three minimum wages.

Furthermore, the benefit is granted every two months, prioritizing families with lower per capita income, large families, residents in isolated or deprived areas and women who are victims of domestic violence.

How to sign up for Vale-Gás

Now, to register for Vale-Gás, the family must first be registered with CadÚnico.

Registration is done at Social Assistance Reference Centers (CRAS) or similar bodies in the municipality.

It is necessary to bring documents from all family members, such as ID, CPF, proof of residence and proof of income.

After registration, the government evaluates the information and determines eligibility for Vale-Gás based on family income and other established criteria.

Who will benefit?

Although more than 21 million families are registered with Bolsa Família, currently only around six million receive Gas Aid, due to budgetary limitations.

The selection for receiving the benefit takes into account families with lower per capita income, greater number of members, those who live in isolated or deprived areas and families with women who are victims of domestic violence.

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Payment calendar at Caixa Tem

Gas Aid payments are made every two months, following the Bolsa Família calendar.

For this month, deposits will be made in the last ten business days, varying according to the last digit of the beneficiary’s Social Identification Number (NIS).

This organization ensures efficient distribution of resources and allows families to plan their finances with greater predictability. Check out:

NIS ending in 1: February 16th;NIS ending in 2: February 19th;NIS ending in 3: February 20th;NIS ending in 4: February 21st;NIS ending in 5: February 22nd; NIS ending in 6: February 23rd;NIS ending in 7: February 26th;NIS ending in 8: February 27th;NIS ending in 9: February 28th;NIS ending in 0: February 29th.

To consult, download Caixa Tem (Android: or iOS:

Benefits of CadÚnico

Finally, in addition to Vale-Gás, the Single Registry qualifies families for other social programs such as Bolsa Família, Social Electricity Tariff, Minha Casa Minha Vida Program, among others.

These benefits aim to improve the quality of life, offering financial support, access to basic services and more favorable housing conditions, significantly contributing to reducing the social vulnerability of registered families.

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