CAIXA released up to R$588? Find out everything!

Caixa is releasing payments for thousands of Brazilians starting today. therefore, workers must be careful not to miss the dates.

In a recent announcement that left many Brazilians in an uproar, Caixa Econômica Federal announced the release of significant amounts through PIX, ranging from R$235.33 to R$588.32, and even more, for certain beneficiaries.

However, those who will receive it must keep an eye on both the calendar and the rules. After all, not everyone can have access to the available values.

Therefore, if you are curious to know what this is about and, above all, whether you are entitled to the amounts, see how to check your eligibility now!

Caixa is paying the salary bonus to those who are entitled. Check the values! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Special payment from Caixa for workers

In principle, this initiative is part of the Social Integration Program (PIS), aimed at workers who met specific requirements in the reference year 2022.

With the current minimum wage established at R$1,412, the value of the benefit is proportional to the number of months worked, ensuring that the salary bonus varies from R$117.67, for one month of work, to R$1,412, for those who worked the entire year . Check out:

1 month worked – installment of R$ 117.67; 2 months worked – installment of R$ 235.33; 3 months worked – installment of R$ 353.00; 4 months worked – installment of R$ 470.65; 5 months worked – installment of R$ 588.32; 6 months worked – installment of R$ 706.00; 7 months worked – installment of R$ 823.66; 8 months worked – installment of R$ 941.33; 9 months worked – installment of R$ 1,059.00; 10 months worked – installment of R$ 1,176.68; 11 months worked – installment of R$ 1,294.34; 12 months worked – installment of R$ 1,412.00.

Who is entitled to PIS?

Furthermore, to be eligible for PIS in 2024, the worker must be registered with PIS/PASEP for at least five years, have worked for at least 30 days in 2022 under the CLT regime, with an average monthly remuneration of up to two minimum wages and that your data has been correctly informed by the employer at RAIS/eSocial.

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Payment calendar

Payment of Caixa’s salary bonus follows the worker’s month of birth, starting on February 15th for those born in January and extending until August 15th for those born in December.

In short, this calendar facilitates organization and financial planning for beneficiaries. So, check it out:

Born in January – February 15th Born in February – March 15th Born in March – April 15th Born in April – April 15th Born in May – May 15th Born in June – May 15th Born in July – June 17th Born in August – June 17th Born in September – July 15th Born in October – July 15th Born in November – August 15th Born in December – August 15th

How to check and withdraw the Caixa benefit?

From February 5th, workers can check their eligibility for the benefit through the Caixa Tem app (Android: or iOS: or directly at agencies and lottery outlets, presenting their citizen card or identity document.

This process ensures that the beneficiary has easy and quick access to their benefit, contributing to the transparency and efficiency of the program.

Don’t be left out!

In summary, the release of these amounts by Caixa represents significant financial assistance for many Brazilians, reinforcing the crucial role of PIS/PASEP in supporting workers.

Therefore, it is essential that beneficiaries verify their eligibility and follow the necessary procedures to ensure access to this benefit, which can make a big difference in their lives and annual financial planning.

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