CAIXA released the list of payments between the 19th and 23rd; find out if you will also receive

Check out the latest updates on CAIXA payments between February 19th and 23rd. Find out if you are on the list and guarantee access to available social benefits.

In the current economic context, expectations surrounding the payments of the various social benefits offered by CAIXA Econômica Federal are high.

With the release of the list of payments scheduled between February 19th and 23rd, many Brazilians are waiting to find out if they are included in this schedule and what benefits they will be able to receive.

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CAIXA publishes Bolsa Família payment schedule

In principle, CAIXA Econômica Federal plays a fundamental role in the distribution of social benefits, being responsible for paying for programs such as Bolsa Família.

With the release of payments for this week, there is a need for citizens to pay attention to the calendar published by the financial institution.

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EXTRA values ​​confirmed

Namely, one of the most anticipated benefits is Bolsa Família, a program that offers financial support to families in vulnerable situations.

In addition to the base amount, the federal government has granted extra amounts, such as assistance for children and pregnant women, making these resources even more valuable for the benefiting families. Look:

R$ 600.00 paid for the base value; R$ 150.00 per child between 0 and 6 years of age; R$ 102.00 referring to the gas voucher; R$ 50.00 per child ) who are between 7 and 17 years old; R$ 50 per pregnant woman in the family axis.

In this sense, it is crucial that beneficiaries are aware of payment dates so as not to miss the opportunity to receive this aid.

Updating data in the Single Registry

In short, updating data in the Single Registry is another important step for Bolsa Família beneficiaries.

Keeping information up to date ensures continued receipt of the social program and avoids possible suspensions or problems accessing benefits.

Therefore, it is essential that citizens are aware of this requirement and carry out the necessary updates as necessary.

Bolsa Família CAIXA 2024 payment calendar

Payments scheduled by CAIXA between February 19th and 23rd cover a variety of benefits, in addition to Bolsa Família. Look:

NIS Final 1: February 16th – payment already madeNIS Final 2: February 19th (advanced to February 17th and therefore already made);NIS Final 3: February 20th;NIS Final 4: February 21st;NIS Final 5: February 22nd;NIS Final 6: February 23rd;NIS Final 7: February 26th (advanced to February 24th);NIS Final 8: February 27th;NIS Final 9: February 28th;NIS Final 0: February 29

Furthermore, it is important that beneficiaries check whether they are included in this schedule and organize themselves according to the established dates to guarantee the receipt of resources efficiently.

Understand the schedule

Finally, it is also worth highlighting the release of the specific payment calendar for Bolsa Família this month of February.

Beneficiaries can plan based on the last digit of the Social Identification Number (NIS), making it easier to monitor payment dates.

Therefore, paying attention to the information released by CAIXA and the payment schedule is essential to guarantee access to available social benefits.

These resources play a crucial role in supporting families in vulnerable situations and promoting social and economic inclusion.

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