CAIXA opens vacancies for young people; registration is still open check it out

One of the largest banks in Brazil announced opportunities for young Brazilians. Read the article to check the requirements.

Caixa Econômica Federal, one of the main financial institutions in Brazil, has opened applications for its internship program. This is a valuable opportunity for high school, technical and higher education students across the country.

Carried out in collaboration with CIEE, the program aims to integrate young talents in different areas of activity. With the deadline until the end of February, interested parties should hurry to apply for Caixa vacancies.

The program also promises attractive scholarships. It is a gateway to a promising career in the financial sector, marking an important step in the students’ professional journey.

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Who can apply for Caixa vacancies?

To apply for Caixa vacancies, you must be enrolled and regularly attending high school courses (regular or EJA), technical or higher education at public or private educational institutions.

Furthermore, it is essential to be up to date with electoral and military obligations, for candidates over 18 years of age, and not to have previously been disconnected from public service.

For higher education students, it is required to be in the 3rd semester, while high school students can apply in the 1st year.

Areas of opportunity and benefits

The vacancies are aimed at a wide range of technical courses. Areas include: Human Resources, Public Services, Finance, Secretariat, Administration, Accounting, among others.

High school and technical interns will receive a stipend of R$500.00 for a 20-hour week. Higher-level students will have scholarships ranging between R$880.00 and R$1,100.00.

Caixa vacancies also offer a transport allowance of R$130.00 per month.

How to sign up

Interested parties must register directly through the CIEE website by February 29th. Just access this link:

Why is this opportunity unique?

Gateway to the financial market: starting your career at a renowned institution such as Caixa Econômica Federal can be the difference your CV needs; Professional development: in addition to the scholarship, the program offers the chance to develop practical and theoretical skills in diverse areas of activity; Inclusion and diversity: Caixa’s vacancies are for young talents from various regions in the workplace.

The importance of the internship

As already mentioned, Caixa’s vacancies offer an opportunity for young people who wish to enter the financial market. To tell the truth, internships are viewed with excellent eyes by recruiters.

Here are some tips for getting an internship.

Update your resume: ensure your resume is up to date, clear and objective. Highlight your skills, experiences and academic achievements. Network: use your network of contacts. Teachers, colleagues and events can open doors to internship opportunities; Prepare for interviews: research the company. Practice answers to common interview questions. Show your interest and how you can contribute; Complementary courses: take courses related to your area of ​​study. They add value to your profile and show proactivity; Employment platforms: register on employment platforms and websites specializing in internships. Stay active and apply for relevant vacancies; Positive attitude: be enthusiastic and open to learning. Show willingness to face challenges and adapt; Feedback: after interviews, ask for feedback. This shows interest in improving and can open doors in the future; Persistence: don’t give up after rejections. Each experience is a learning experience. Stay focused and keep applying.

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