Caixa issues COMMUNICATION about 5 payments in February; straight to your savings account!

Caixa Econômica Federal offers several important benefits for the Brazilian population, such as Bolsa Família, Auxílio Gás, FGTS, INSS and PIS.

Caixa Econômica Federal is a public bank with more than 150 years of history. Its mission is to offer financial solutions that contribute to the country’s development and the quality of life of Brazilians.

As it is a state-owned company, whose sole shareholder is the Union, several government benefits are paid by Caixa. Continue reading this article to check them all out.

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Check out all Caixa benefits

As already mentioned, Caixa offers several benefits that impact the lives of millions of Brazilians. Among the most important are Bolsa Família, Auxílio Gás, FGTS, INSS and PIS.

Bolsa Família

The income transfer program benefits families in situations of poverty and extreme poverty, with amounts that vary according to family income and the number of members.

To register, you must be registered in the Single Registry and meet the eligibility criteria.

Gas Aid

Created to help low-income families purchase cooking gas, the program grants a bimonthly benefit of R$110. Registration can be done via the Auxílio Gás app or through Caixa’s service channels.


The Service Time Guarantee Fund is a right for every worker with a formal contract. The FGTS balance can be withdrawn in various situations, such as unfair dismissal, purchasing your own home, retirement, among others.


The National Social Security Institute is responsible for paying retirement, pensions, sickness benefits and other social security benefits.

To retire through the INSS, you must meet the age and contribution time requirements.


The Social Integration Program is an annual benefit paid to workers with a formal contract.

The value varies according to the worker’s length of service and the balance of the companies he worked for. To find out if you are entitled to PIS and how to withdraw the benefit, check the Caixa website or the Caixa Tem app.

Discover the state-owned app

It is worth highlighting that, in addition to the benefits, Caixa offers several current and savings account options to meet the needs of its customers, from individuals to large companies. Check the list.

Various types of credit and debit cards, with different benefits and rates. Loans and financing for different purposes, such as buying your own home, car, travel, among others. Insurance to protect your customers and their assets, such as life insurance, insurance residential, car insurance, among others. Investments for its clients, such as investment funds, shares, fixed income securities, among others.

All of this can be accessed through Caixa Tem, a free application created by Caixa to facilitate its customers’ access to its social benefits, such as Bolsa Família, Auxílio Brasil and Auxílio Emergencial.

The application also allows you to carry out several other transactions, such as:

Pay bills and utility bills; Make transfers to other accounts; Withdraw money from ATMs; Recharge cell phones; Buy credits for online games; Check balance and statement; Update registration data.

For more information about Caixa and Caixa Tem, see:

Caixa website: Caixa Customer Service: 4004-0104 (capitals and metropolitan regions) or 0800 104 0104 (other regions)

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