Caixa CALLS CPFs to withdraw R$ 117.67 and R$ 1,294 after Carnival: gift starts TODAY (14/02)

Caixa will release an important withdrawal for workers who are entitled to the benefit. Therefore, it is important to check your eligibility.

Did you know that you could be one step closer to receiving an extra benefit this year? Yes, we are talking about PIS, the Social Integration Program, aimed at private sector workers in Brazil.

If you meet the necessary requirements, a considerable amount could be waiting for you! Check out the eligibility rules and other details below.

See if you are entitled to PIS withdrawal and find out when the payment will come to you! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is PIS?

Firstly, PIS is a federal government initiative to promote employee integration in the company’s development.

It’s more than a benefit; It's recognition for your hard work. And best of all, it is managed by Caixa Econômica Federal, ensuring security and easy access to your money.

Who is entitled to withdrawal?

Now, let’s get to the point: are you entitled to this benefit? Check the requirements:

Be registered with PIS for at least five years; Then, have worked with a formal contract for at least 30 days in 2022; In addition, receive, on average, up to two minimum wages per month in the base year; Have your data updated by the employer in the government system.

Payment Calendar 2024

Furthermore, if you meet all these criteria, your next step is to check the payment schedule. Payments are organized according to the month of birth, starting in February and extending until August. It's crucial to keep an eye on the dates so you don't miss the deadline!

Worker’s birthday PIS payment day
January February 15th
February March, 15
March April 15
April April 15
May 15th May
June 15th May
July June 17th
August June 17th
September July 15
October July 15
November August 15th
December August 15th

PIS 2024 payment calendar

How to Check Your Aptitude

From February 5, 2024, you can check your eligibility for the PIS salary bonus. This can be done through the portal or through the Digital Work Card app (Android: or iOS:

Don’t forget to make this consultation; it may reveal a welcome financial surprise!

Bonus value

The amount you can receive varies depending on the time worked in the base year. Did you work for a month? There is a specific value for you.

Did you work all year? So you may be entitled to the full amount of the allowance, which could reach R$1,412.00 in 2024. It’s a significant help, don’t you think? Check the table:

Number of months worked Value of installments
One month R$ 117,67
Two months R$ 235,33
Three months R$ 353,00
Four months R$ 470,65
Five months R$ 588,32
Six months R$ 706
Seven months R$ 823,66
Eight months R$ 941,33
Nine months R$ 1.059,00
Ten months R$ 1.176,68
Our messes R$ 1.294,34
Twelve months R$ 1.412,00

PIS 2024 value table

Don’t let this loot pass you by!

Finally, PIS is an incredible opportunity to strengthen your finances, and you won’t want to miss this chance. Check your eligibility, mark the dates on your calendar, and get ready to receive what’s rightfully yours. And remember, if you have any questions, Caixa is ready to help. Take advantage of this opportunity!

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