CAIXA, Bradesco and BB decide and retirees of NIS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 will BENEFITS

Retirees from NIS 1 to 9 have reasons to smile with the new benefits offered by Banco do Brasil, CAIXA and Bradesco. Explore exclusive advantages and improve your quality of life now.

Joy has arrived for retirees! Banco do Brasil, CAIXA and Bradesco made a decision that promises to bring smiles.

Therefore, if you are retired or a pensioner, get ready to discover a range of advantages that are now within your reach.

These banks, in partnership with the National Social Security Institute (INSS), are here to make a difference in your life. Find out more in the following lines.

Special benefits await retirees from all NIS, thanks to the decision of Banco do Brasil, CAIXA and Bradesco. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

EXCELLENT news for INSS retirees

Imagine having discounts and benefits available that make your money go further. Well, now that’s possible!

Thanks to these financial institutions, access to services and products with special conditions has become a reality. And the best of all? It is available to retirees of all NIS, from 1 to 9.

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Discover the Meu INSS+ Benefits Club

Now, let’s get to the point: the benefits. The Meu INSS+ Benefits Club is a true hidden treasure that has been revealed.

With it, you have access to a variety of discounts and advantages on different products and services. Imagine saving on medicines, enjoying that movie or even traveling without weighing on your pocket.

The list of partner banks is like a menu of options: Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Caixa, and now with new members, PAN and Itaú.

In short, each one offers a catalog of services designed especially for the financial well-being of retirees.

And it doesn’t stop there: the payroll loan with friendly conditions is one of the stars of this partnership. Is it wonderful or not?

How to participate in the My INSS+ Benefits Club?

Want to know how to dive into this sea of ​​benefits? Well, the initial step is to issue the INSS Card. In principle, the process is simple, digital and hassle-free.

With a few clicks on the Meu INSS website or the app, you open the doors to a universe of possibilities. And don’t forget: this wallet is your passport to enjoy all these advantages.

Access My INSS at:

Will there be a 13th salary for INSS retirees in 2024?

And the good news doesn’t stop there. The 13th salary, that extra income expected by everyone, comes with new features. After the success of the anticipation in 2023, many are looking forward to 2024.

Although the INSS has announced that the anticipation will not be repeated, the value of the 13th promises to be a relief, with adjustments that bring a little more financial peace of mind.

Namely, the first installment comes with the August salary, and the second, in November. Below, check the payment schedule and plan:

1st installment – ​​together with August salary

For those who receive up to 1 minimum wage:

Final benefit number Release date
1 26/08
2 27/08
3 28/08
4 29/08
5 30/08
6 02/09
7 03/09
8 04/09
9 05/09
0 06/09

For those who earn more than 1 minimum wage:

Final benefit number Release date
1 e 6 02/09
2 e 7 03/09
3 e 8 04/09
4 e 9 05/09
5 e 0 06/09

2nd installment – ​​together with November salary

For those who receive up to 1 minimum wage:

Final benefit number Release date
1 25/11
2 26/11
3 27/11
4 28/11
5 29/11
6 02/12
7 03/12
8 04/12
9 05/12
0 06/12

For those who earn more than 1 minimum wage:

Final benefit number Release date
1 e 6 02/12
2 e 7 03/12
3 e 8 04/12
4 e 9 05/12
5 e 0 06/12

Retirees, ENJOY!

Ultimately, this is a time of celebration for retirees. The decision by Banco do Brasil, CAIXA and Bradesco to join the INSS in favor of retirees is a milestone.

It not only expands the possibilities of well-being and quality of life, but also reaffirms the value and respect that society owes to its most experienced members.

So, retirees of all NIS, get ready to enjoy everything that was designed especially for you.

Therefore, take advantage of every benefit, every discount and every new opportunity that this partnership brings. After all, life is to be lived with joy, comfort and dignity.

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