CadÚnico releases TODAY (05/02) EXCLUSIVE benefit for women; know everything!

Government confirms payment of exclusive benefit for women! We show you everything you need to know about the value, the receipt method and much more.

In a significant step towards equality and well-being, CadÚnico announces today, February 5, 2024, an exciting new development that promises to change the lives of many women for the better.

This is an exclusive benefit, carefully designed to meet the specific needs of low-income women in Brazil. See below if you can receive it!

Everything about the new exclusive benefit for women! Credit: Reproduction/Ricardo Stuckert.

Why do women need an exclusive benefit?

In the social fabric in which we are inserted, economic and gender disparities are still a considerable challenge. Women, especially those from low-income families, face not only the pay gap but also the additional burden of multiple commodities.

In this scenario, an exclusive benefit aimed at women therefore comes not only as financial support, but as recognition and affirmative action in favor of gender equity and female health.

The importance of CadÚnico

The Federal Government’s Single Registry for Social Programs, known as CadÚnico, is a system that identifies and characterizes low-income families in Brazil, being essential for these families to have access to various social benefits.

Now, with the new benefit of free sanitary pads, CadÚnico reaffirms its role as an instrument for promoting dignity and social inclusion.

THIS is the exclusive benefit for women at CadÚnico

The Federal Government launched the Menstrual Dignity Promotion and Protection Program with the aim of democratizing access to women’s intimate health.

This program ensures the free distribution of sanitary pads to low-income women, promoting female health and well-being.

The initiative is in partnership with CadÚnico, responsible for identifying and registering women eligible for this benefit.

How can women secure exclusive benefit?

To benefit from the program, you must be registered with CadÚnico. Registration can be done at the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) in the municipality of residence, with the presentation of documents such as identity, CPF, proof of residence and income.

For students, the maximum family income must be up to half the minimum wage. Homeless women have no income requirements to access the benefit.

Where to pick up the pads?

After registering with CadÚnico, women can collect sanitary pads at pharmacies participating in the Farmácia Popular Program, presenting their CadÚnico card. This partnership facilitates access to the product, guaranteeing female intimate health free of charge.

The free availability of sanitary pads represents a significant step forward for women registered with CadÚnico, guaranteeing access to an essential item for intimate health.

In addition to promoting health, the program alleviates the budget of low-income women, allowing resources to be reallocated to other basic needs, such as food and education, thus improving their quality of life.

Stay informed!

For the benefit to reach as many women as possible, it is vital that information about the free sanitary pad program is widely disseminated.

It is essential that women know how to register with CadÚnico and where to collect sanitary pads, thus promoting access to this right.

CadÚnico is consolidating itself as an important instrument of social inclusion, expanding its scope with the guarantee of free sanitary pads for registered women.

In this way, the new initiative reflects the government’s commitment to women’s intimate health and improving their quality of life, reaffirming the importance of public policies that meet gender-specific needs.

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