CadÚnico loan may include a NEW group of beneficiaries; See if you can hire!

Soon, more people will be able to take out a CadÚnico loan, a benefit that aims to help those who want to start a business.

Did you know that a new group can be included in the credit line available through the Single Registry? That’s right! Now, those who need a little extra money already know where to find it.

The government is considering expanding credit opportunities for those registered with CadÚnico, aiming to encourage entrepreneurship and support those with more limited resources.

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Find out about the CadÚnico loan

The proposal under discussion aims to create more favorable conditions for beneficiaries of the Single Registry to apply for loans aimed at boosting small businesses.

The objective is clear: to promote financial independence and stimulate economic growth within this portion of the population.

Entrepreneurship as a transformation tool

Imagine having the chance to get that idea off the ground or upgrade your small business with the support of an easy loan.

The government plans to use the Operations Guarantee Fund (FGO) and the Emergency Credit Access Program (Peac-FGI) to enable bank credit at more affordable rates.

This means that, soon, people who receive social benefits, who want to start a business or who do not have their own resources, may have a great opportunity on their hands.

Wait for news about the CadÚnico loan

While we wait for more details about this initiative, it is worth considering becoming an Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI), a simplified and legalized way of doing business.

However, remember: it is important to be aware that a significant increase in family income can impact the receipt of other benefits, such as Bolsa Família.

There is already a loan type available

It is worth mentioning that there is already a type of payroll loan available to some CadÚnico beneficiaries, especially those who receive the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC).

This line of credit allows up to 30% of monthly income to be committed to paying the loan installments, in addition to an additional margin of 5% for use with a credit card.

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What are the rules for registering with CadÚnico?

The Single Registry is a system that identifies low-income families in Brazil, allowing access to government social programs.

To be eligible, the family must have a monthly income per person of up to half a minimum wage or a total income of up to three minimum wages.

It is essential that data such as family composition, income, education and housing are provided accurately.

How do I register for the Single Registry?

To register with CadÚnico, go to the nearest Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) with documents for all family members, such as ID, CPF, proof of residence and proof of income. The process is free and accessible to everyone who meets the criteria.

The promising future

The inclusion of a new group in the CadÚnico credit line is encouraging news that could open doors for many Brazilian families.

Promoting entrepreneurship and facilitating access to credit are important steps to guarantee more autonomy and opportunities for those who need it most.

Keep an eye on updates and get ready to take advantage of this opportunity that could be a turning point in your entrepreneurial journey.

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