CadÚnico and the CALL issued TODAY (02/24) for all NIS: stay tuned!

Find out how the CadÚnico call affects all NIS today! Keep your benefits up to date by following our step-by-step guide.

In a world where information is power, staying up to date on government procedures is more than necessary; it’s essential.

Today, we bring you news that can directly impact your daily life, especially if you are part of the Federal Government’s Single Registry for Social Programs, the famous CadÚnico.

This system, which is the gateway to several social programs, has just called all NIS for a mandatory update. Let’s understand better what this means?

Update your CadÚnico after today’s call and guarantee your social benefits. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Understand the CadÚnico call

Imagine the surprise when discovering today that a general call was issued to update CadÚnico.

That’s right, regardless of the last digit of your NIS, today is the day to check and update your data. But what leads to this broad and sudden call?

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Reasons for updating

The reasons for this call are varied and important. It may be that you haven’t updated your details in the last two years, or perhaps you have changed your address.

Changes in family composition or income are also valid reasons. This update is crucial for continuing to receive benefits.

How to update CadÚnico?

Now, the question that remains is: how to carry out this update? Don’t worry, the process is simple. Go to the nearest CRAS, with documents from all family members.

There, you will answer a socioeconomic questionnaire. This step is essential to guarantee the accuracy and veracity of the registered data.

The importance of updating

Keep in mind that updating CadÚnico is not just a recommendation; it is mandatory.

Failure to update your registration may lead to your benefits being blocked. Therefore, it is crucial to act within the deadline stipulated in the notice.

Bolsa Família: payment schedule

Finally, speaking of benefits, it is impossible not to mention Bolsa Família, one of the best-known programs linked to CadÚnico.

This month’s payment calendar is now available and is organized according to the last digit of the NIS. The dates vary from February 16th to 29th, so be careful not to miss the deadline. Look:

NIS ended on 1:16 FebruaryNIS ended on 2:19 FebruaryNIS ended on 3:20 FebruaryNIS ended on 4:21 FebruaryNIS ended on 5:22 FebruaryNIS ended on 6:23 FebruaryNIS ended on 7:26 FebruaryNIS ended 8:27 FebruaryNIS ended 9:28 FebruaryNIS ended 0:29 February

Necessary action

Anyway, if you are registered with CadÚnico, this call is for you. Do not leave to the last minute. Updating is a quick process, but essential for maintaining your benefits.

Finally, remember, being up to date with CadÚnico is more than a duty; It is a right that ensures access to programs that can make all the difference in your life and that of your family.

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