Browser promises Artificial Intelligence on iPhone: find out how it works

Have you ever thought about being able to use Artificial Intelligence directly on your iPhone? See how this is possible and start right now!

Are you an iPhone user and believe that the features on your cell phone are not enough for some day-to-day activities? So it’s good to prepare yourself, because a new browser is coming with Artificial Intelligence attached to further improve your internet experience. See how it will happen!

Did you know that you can count on Artificial Intelligence directly on your cell phone? See how this benefit works on the iPhone! / Photo: publicity

Get ready for a new era in web browsing with Arc Search, the browser that promises to transform the online experience for iPhone users. Developed by The Browser Company, Arc Search is not just another browser on the market.

In fact, it brings with it an innovative proposal by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize your searches, bringing together information from different sources in a single place, in a clear and objective way.

Initially, Arc Search’s difference lies in its ability to simplify the browsing experience.

With the "Browse For Me" feature, the application offers a complete view of the researched topic, eliminating the need to open multiple links.

Imagine searching for "When does carnival start in Brazil?" and receive, in moments, a detailed page with dates, images, videos and even the cultural context of the party. All of this organized into sections to make it easier to read.

iPhone features that impress

In addition to its innovative AI tool, Arc Search maintains the option of conventional searches through engines such as Google and Bing.

Furthermore, the application is also equipped with essential features of a modern browser, such as pop-up blocking, reading mode and keyword search tools within the page, ensuring smooth and efficient browsing.

Arc Search versus Safari

While Safari has established itself as the default browser on Apple devices, offering speed and efficiency, Arc Search takes a revolutionary approach.

By integrating AI into your system, Arc provides a concise summary of key search results, enriching the user experience with a broader, more detailed perspective on topics of interest.

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Why choose this browser for your iPhone?

In short, Arc Search is ideal for those looking for a browsing experience that goes beyond the conventional, offering a deep dive into the topics researched with the convenience of having all the relevant information in one place.

Despite still being under development and having flaws, Arc delivers on what it promises and positions itself as a valuable option for more technological users.

Choose what’s best for your iPhone!

If you are looking for an innovative browsing experience on your iPhone, Arc Search could be the perfect choice.

With its minimalist interface and the promise of smarter browsing, this free browser available on the App Store is ready to change the way we interact with the web.

Even though it is in English, its features promise to bring a new dimension to the search for information online.

Finally, during an Apple investor conference, Tim Cook confirmed that the team of engineers is developing innovative features based on artificial intelligence (AI) for the next iPhone 16 line.

Specific details about the new features are reserved for the WWDC conference, sources indicate significant advances, especially in the camera department.

Generative AI will be integrated into the Siri assistant, making it more proactive and capable of offering accurate responses, adjusting iPhone features and learning the user’s routines.

Additionally, a new, improved microphone will clearly pick up the user’s voice, essential to Siri’s effectiveness. Apple aims to put the iPhone 16 on par with the Galaxy S24 family, which surprised us with its innovative features this year.

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