Brazilians can win BIG R$143 million; today (02/21)

Find out how to compete for a jackpot of R$143 million today! Bet on +Milionária until 7pm and turn your dreams into reality with this unmissable competition.

Today, February 21st, is one of those days when hope and emotion mix, creating an atmosphere of expectation throughout Brazil.

It is the date set for the draw for +Milionária contest 123, an unmissable opportunity for Brazilians to compete for a jackpot of R$143 million.

This is not just another giveaway; It’s the chance to transform lives, make dreams come true and guarantee a prosperous future for you and your family. Find out more below.

Discover how Brazilians can earn a fortune of R$143 million today! (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Until what time is it possible to bet on +Milionária?

Bets for this competition can be placed until 7pm today, Wednesday, February 21st.

Whether at a lottery outlet close to your home, on the Caixa Econômica Federal website or through the bank’s convenient app, the opportunity to participate is available to everyone.

Visit the Caixa Econômica Federal website:

This flexibility makes the process even more accessible, allowing even the busiest people to try their luck and compete for the millionaire prize.

The atmosphere of expectation grew after the last draw, which took place on Saturday (17), in which no bettor matched the six tens and two shamrocks needed to win the maximum prize.

As a result, the prize accumulated, creating an even greater sense of anticipation for this Wednesday’s draw.

Everyone is rooting for this time someone to become the big winner, transforming their life in an extraordinary way.

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How much does it cost to bet on +Milionária?

Betting on +Milionária is an opportunity that is available to all Brazilians.

With a minimum investment of just R$6, it is possible to purchase a simple bet and compete for the millionaire prize.

Furthermore, the lottery offers the option of combined betting, which allows you to choose more numbers and shamrocks, significantly increasing your chances of winning.

Thus, +Milionária stands out for democratizing the opportunity to win big, making the dream of becoming a millionaire a reality for many.

New lottery information and details

For those who want to better understand how +Milionária works, it is important to know that this lottery has some peculiarities in relation to traditional bets.

The value of a simple bet is R$6; however, participants also have the option of placing multiple bets, which can reach up to R$83,100, depending on the number of numbers and clovers selected.

Furthermore, +Milionária offers a minimum main prize of R$10 million per draw, making each contest a unique opportunity to change your life.

With ten prize categories, even those who don’t get all the dozens right have the chance to be awarded significant prizes.

Place your bet now!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to change your life and make your dreams come true. Place your bet right now and enter the race for the chance to win R$143 million.

Whether at the nearest lottery or through Caixa’s online platform, be part of this exciting journey towards achieving your goals.

Who knows, maybe today is your day to become Brazil's next millionaire? The die is cast, good luck!

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