BONUS of up to R$450.00 for Mastercard customers: understand the REWARD

Take advantage of the Mastercard promotion and get a bonus of up to R$450! Find out how to participate and use your credits in the Bonus Valley to save more.

A surprise that can change your day! Have you ever imagined checking your CPF and discovering that you were awarded?

Well, Mastercard brings this incredible possibility, with a bonus of up to R$450 to brighten your pocket.

And best of all, no matter the end of your CPF, everyone has a chance! Want to know how to receive it? So, keep reading.

Your Mastercard card can give you up to R$450 in bonuses! Sign up now and start accumulating credits in the Vale Bônus app. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

NEW Mastercard bonus

Recently, Mastercard teamed up with the Vale Bônus app to create a promotion that is causing people to talk.

Using your card in the debit function, you enter the race for a generous bonus. But be careful, the clock is ticking and time to participate is running out!

Now, let’s get to the point: how do I guarantee your participation in this awards party?

It’s simple: sign up for Mastercard Surpreenda, activate your participation in the Vale Bônus using the same cell phone number, and start using your Mastercard debit card.

With each use, you get closer to the bonus.

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Step by step for Mastercard bonus

First, register for the Mastercard Surpreenda program: then confirm your cell phone in the Vale Bônus app. Enable your Mastercard debit cards. Use your card for purchases and accumulate credits in Vale Bônus.

By completing these steps, you already have R$200 guaranteed in the Vale Bônus app.

And there’s more: with continued use of your card, you can accumulate up to an additional R$250. That’s right, the more you use, the more you earn!

Important Details

Don’t forget, purchases can take up to five business days to be processed. What about February shopping? These will be verified in March. So, keep using your card active until then.

Vale Bônus keeps you informed via SMS or WhatsApp about the bonuses you are achieving. This way, you don’t miss any details of your award.

The Vale Bônus app opens up a world of possibilities. With it, you use your credits on a variety of services and products.

From discounts on airline tickets to exclusive benefits at partner restaurants and stores. Everything within reach of your bonus!

Don’t waste time, download now!

Download the Vale Bônus app and start enjoying all these advantages right now. Also, keep an eye on daily offers and join our Telegram community to stay up to date with the best promotions.

In addition to taking advantage of credits on everyday purchases, you can explore new experiences. How about a special night at a restaurant you’ve always wanted to visit?

Or perhaps an unexpected trip with unmissable discounts on tickets? The Bonus Voucher makes all of this possible.

This promotion is an excellent opportunity to share good news with friends and family. Imagine their joy when they discover that they too can participate and win incredible bonuses. After all, good experiences become even better when shared.

With the Bonus Voucher, each purchase becomes an opportunity to earn more. This way, not only do you do what was already planned, but you also get something extra for it. It’s Mastercard adding more value to your everyday experiences.

With the BONUS Mastercard, you have the chance to make every moment count more. This promotion is your gateway to a world of advantages and joys.

So, don’t miss this chance to improve your daily life with the benefits that only Mastercard and Vale Bônus can offer.

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