Bolsa Família’s MARCH payment calendar is now available and comes with SURPRISES

Bolsa Família released the March calendar, starting payments on the 15th, following the order of the Social Identification Number (NIS), until the 28th.

The Bolsa Família Program (PBF) is a milestone in the history of Brazilian public policies, representing a fundamental instrument in the fight against poverty and social inequality in the country.

Created in 2003, the program goes beyond a mere income transfer, becoming a social protection network that impacts the lives of millions of families across the country.

Continue reading this article to check the March calendar.

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Government announces new Bolsa Família calendar; check out

The Bolsa Família program, essential for more than 21 million Brazilian families in situations of social and economic vulnerability, revealed the payment schedule for March.

The federal government defined that the benefits, administered through Caixa Tem Social Savings, will begin to be paid on the 15th, following the order of the Social Identification Number (NIS).

This measure aims to provide an organized and efficient distribution of resources, ensuring that beneficiaries can plan their finances in advance.

The distribution of payments will be carried out until March 28th, gradually benefiting families according to the last digit of the NIS, from 1 to 0.

This new calendar emphasizes the government’s continued dedication to maintaining financial support for families who need it most.

In addition to facilitating financial transactions such as transfers and payments via Caixa Tem, the Bolsa Família program is committed to ensuring that aid reaches those who really need it.

With the organization and transparency of this process, Bolsa Família not only helps to alleviate the economic difficulties of vulnerable families, but also reinforces the importance of inclusive and accessible public policies for all Brazilians.

Payment schedule

Based on this, check the Bolsa Família calendar.

The NIS that ends in 1 will receive it on March 15th;The NIS that ends in 2 will receive it on March 18th;The NIS that ends in 3 will receive it on March 19th;The NIS that ends in 4 will receive on March 20th;The NIS that ends in 5 will receive it on March 21st;The NIS that ends in 6 will receive it on March 22nd;The NIS that ends in 7 will receive it on March 25th;The NIS that ends in 8 will receive it on March 26th;The NIS that ends in 9 will receive it on March 27th;The NIS that ends in 0 will receive it on March 28th.

How to sign up for income transfer

First of all, make sure your family meets the income criteria established by the Bolsa Família program. Now, it is necessary to register with CadÚnico.

To register for the Single Registry (CadÚnico) and become eligible for Bolsa Família, follow these simple and objective steps:

Gather documents from all family members. This includes ID, CPF, voter registration card, birth or marriage certificate, as well as proof of income and residence. Go to the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) closest to your residence. CRAS is responsible for registering families in CadÚnico. At CRAS, you will go through an interview where your family and socioeconomic information will be collected. This is the time to provide all the documents gathered. After registering, your information will be analyzed to determine whether your family is eligible to receive the Bolsa Família benefit. Keep your information updated in CadÚnico. Changes in family composition, address or income must be reported to CRAS.

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