Bolsa Família with PAYMENT of R$800 + R$102: understand the extraordinary payment!

Those who receive Bolsa Família can have access to amounts much higher than the basic R$600. This happens to help some families with particularities.

In 2024, Bolsa Família, a crucial program to support families in situations of socioeconomic vulnerability in Brazil, brings news that are true gifts for its beneficiaries.

With the aim of providing a financial base, promoting access to education and health, the program is renewed with adjustments and additional benefits that promise to make a difference in the lives of many.

Therefore, those who will have access to this month’s program values ​​should be aware of the possibility of receiving even larger amounts. Check out!

This month’s Bolsa Família will pay even larger amounts to beneficiaries. See who can receive the extra amounts! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

A revolution in financial support

Bolsa Família, known for its fundamental role in supporting millions of Brazilians, announced a substantial adjustment in the amounts transferred for February 2024.

Beneficiaries can expect not only the regular value of the program but also two additional benefits that bring the total to R$800.00.

This increase represents a significant relief for many families, allowing for better financial organization and even the possibility of investing in quality of life.

Additional benefits: early childhood and family

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In addition to the base value, the program incorporates the First Childhood Benefit (BPI), aimed at families with children aged 0 to 6, and the Family Variable Benefit (BVF), aimed at families with children and adolescents aged 7 to 18, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

These benefits reflect the program’s commitment to the healthy and integral development of new generations, ensuring assistance that can make all the difference in the growth and learning of young Brazilians.

Gas Aid: relief in household expenses

In a gesture of understanding the basic needs of families, Bolsa Família included the Gas Aid of R$102.00, distributed in February, as additional relief for household expenses.

This aid is intended for the purchase of a 13kg gas cylinder, an essential item in the daily life of any home.

To access this benefit, program participants must make the request at the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) in their municipality, thus facilitating the management of one of the most important household expenses.

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Bolsa Família payments through Caixa Tem

The Bolsa Família payment calendar for 2024 remains available through Poupança Social Digital, accessible via the Caixa Tem app (Android: or iOS: To find out if you received it, simply access the app. Now, to find out the dates, see below:

NIS ending 1: February 16NIS ending 2: February 19NIS ending 3: February 20NIS ending 4: February 21NIS ending 5: February 22NIS ending 6: February 23NIS ending 7: February 26NIS with ending 8: February 27NIS with ending 9: February 28NIS with ending 0: February 29

This modernization of the payment process reflects the program’s ongoing effort to ensure that benefits reach families safely and conveniently, allowing for better management of the resources received.

Eligibility for Bolsa Família and commitment

To be eligible for Bolsa Família, families must meet specific criteria that include school attendance for children and adolescents, prenatal care for pregnant women, nutritional monitoring for children up to seven years of age and adherence to the vaccination schedule.

These requirements not only ensure the well-being of beneficiaries but also reinforce the importance of education, health and basic care as pillars for social development.

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