Bolsa Família with payment of R$1,050: is early withdrawal CONFIRMED?

How to receive more than R$1,000 in the social program in February 2024? Find out everything about early withdrawals from Bolsa Família, and see the complete calendar.

For beneficiaries of the Bolsa Família social program, great news has just arrived. The advance of the benefit, with a higher value, is confirmed and will be available on two dates this February.

It’s time to understand what this means for families who rely on this important financial support. To do this, just keep reading!

Is early withdrawal from Bolsa Família confirmed? Credit: plasticaxe.

What is Bolsa Família?

Bolsa Família is a Federal Government program that aims to provide financial assistance to low-income families across the country.

It aims to guarantee a minimum of resources so that these families can meet their basic needs, such as food, education and health.

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Early withdrawal from Bolsa Família is confirmed!

According to information from Revista dos Benefícios, families with a Social Identification Number (NIS) ending in 2 and 7 will benefit from early payment of Bolsa Família this month of February. In addition, the value of the benefit will be increased, totaling R$1,050.

This is excellent news for beneficiaries, as the program is providing significant financial relief at a crucial time.

Advance payment allows families to have faster access to the resources they need for their essential expenses.

Who can receive the R$1,050 Pix?

You must be wondering about the R$1,050 PIX mentioned. This amount is related to an additional benefit within Bolsa Família, known as the First Childhood Benefit. It is intended for families that meet the conditions of this benefit.

The First Childhood Benefit is available in the amount of R$150, and its focus is on families with children up to 6 years of age. The objective is to ensure the healthy and adequate development of these children, providing financial support to the families who care for them.

The great advantage of this additional benefit is that it can be extended according to the number of children in the family. Therefore, if a family has three children who meet the requirements of this additional amount, they can receive up to R$450, in addition to the base amount of R$600.

Bonus of R$200 in the Basic Basket program

Another important new feature is the extra transfer of R$200 through the Basic Basket program. This complementary program to Bolsa Família selects a specific group of beneficiaries to receive this additional support.

The objective of the Cesta Básica program is to provide extra financial support for families facing financial difficulties and need to guarantee food for their members. This financial reinforcement is crucial to ensure that families have access to adequate and healthy food.

Bolsa Família Calendar – February 2024

So that you don’t miss any important information, here are the dates on the Bolsa Família calendar in February, according to the beneficiaries’ NIS:

NIS ended 1:16 February;NIS ended 2:19 February;NIS ended 3:20 February;NIS ended 4:21 February;NIS ended 5:22 February;NIS ended 6:22 February; 23 February;NIS ended 7:26 February;NIS ended 8:27 February;NIS ended 9:28 February;NIS ended 0:29 February.

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Big victories for Brazilians!

In summary, Bolsa Família is bringing great news to beneficiaries in February, reinforcing the Lula Government’s commitment to the poorest population.

The advance payment with a higher amount, the First Childhood Benefit and the Basic Basket bonus are measures that aim to provide even more significant financial support for low-income families.

Be sure to check the dates and ensure access to the resources that can make all the difference in your budget! Find out more at:

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