Bolsa Família will pay MORE than R$600.00 in February; see how to check your early withdrawal

Millions of Brazilians will be able to receive more than R$600 in Bolsa Família in February! Check if you are entitled to this incredible payment.

The Bolsa Família program, which has established itself as one of the main pillars of support for Brazilian families in vulnerable situations, brings new features for the month of February 2024.

The federal government announced that this month’s payments will begin soon, with amounts exceeding the R$600.00 mark, for millions of Brazilians. See the calendar below and check out more news!

Check out the February Bolsa Família calendar! Credit: plasticaxe.

What is the benefit?

Bolsa Família is a Federal Government income transfer program aimed at families in poverty and extreme poverty across the country.

With the aim of guaranteeing the right to food and access to education and health, the program seeks to combat poverty and social inequality in Brazil.

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Bolsa Família news in February

This month, program beneficiaries can expect a significant increase in the amounts received.

In addition to the minimum benefit of R$600.00, three additional payments will be made, which include the Nutriz Family Variable Benefit, with six installments of R$50.00 for mothers of babies up to six months old, the Family Variable Benefit, with an additional R$50.00 for families with pregnant women and children aged 7 to 18, and an additional R$150.00 for families with children up to 6 years old.

How to check the Bolsa Família withdrawal?

For those eager to check the availability of the withdrawal, it is possible to check the payment dates and amounts through the official Bolsa Família app or directly on the Caixa Econômica Federal website (

The consultation is simple and quick, ensuring that beneficiaries can plan in advance and receive payments with peace of mind.

Bolsa Família Calendar – February 2024

The payment schedule for the month of February was organized considering the last digit of each beneficiary’s NIS (Social Identification Number). Check the specific dates below:

NIS ended 1:16 FebruaryNIS ended 2:19 FebruaryNIS ended 3:20 FebruaryNIS ended 4:21 FebruaryNIS ended 5:22 FebruaryNIS ended 6:23 FebruaryNIS ended 7:26 FebruaryNIS ended 8:27 FebruaryNIS ended 9:28 FebruaryNIS ended 0:29 February

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Take advantage of the new benefits!

The adjustment of Bolsa Família for the month of February represents more than a simple increase in the amounts transferred: it is a reinforcement of the government’s commitment to supporting the most needy families in the country.

With the new payment schedule and updated values, the program continues to be an essential tool for promoting well-being and social inclusion.

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