Bolsa Família EARLY? Holders are already celebrating early payments

Brazilians who receive Bolsa Família will be able to count on the benefit in advance. Check out the February calendar.

It is no news to anyone that President Lula (PT) returned with Bolsa Família in 2023. At the time, he was returning to command of the Federal Executive in an unprecedented third term. And with that, he brought several changes to income transfer.

It is worth highlighting that Bolsa Família aims to meet the demands of the population in situations of social vulnerability. The program brings international recognition to Brazil, when the theme is combating hunger and inequality.

The Ministry of Social Development and Fight Against Hunger (MDS) announced that the July income transfer will be brought forward. Continue reading this article to check the complete calendar.

Find out who can receive Bolsa Família in advance – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Find out when Bolsa Família will be paid

Bolsa Família, essential in supporting more than 21 million Brazilian families, announces a new feature for February 2024: the anticipation of post-carnival payments for certain families.

With the introduction of payments also on Saturdays, a change implemented since last year, beneficiaries with Social Identification Numbers (NIS) ending in 2 and 7 will have their amounts credited ahead of schedule, on February 17 and 24, respectively.

This change aims to improve the accessibility of resources for families, depositing money into Caixa Tem savings accounts.

The payment order is based on the NIS, obtained at the time of registration with CadÚnico, ensuring that the distribution of resources is done in an organized and fair manner.

This month, in addition to beneficiaries with NIS ending in 2 and 7, others will receive their payments according to an established calendar, which starts on February 16th for those with NIS ending in 1, continuing sequentially until the 29th, for those with NIS ends in 0.

This adjustment to the Bolsa Família payment calendar reflects the government’s commitment to facilitating access to benefits, providing citizens with the possibility of using resources sooner, especially in a month marked by festivities.

It is a measure that reinforces the importance of adapting social policies to the needs of the population, ensuring that financial support reaches those who depend on these resources for their livelihood and well-being on time.

That said, check out the February Bolsa Família calendar.

The NIS that ends in 1 will receive it on February 16th;The NIS that ends in 2 will receive it on February 17th;The NIS that ends in 3 will receive it on February 20th;The NIS that ends in 4 will receive on February 21st;The NIS that ends in 5 will receive it on February 22nd;The NIS that ends in 6 will receive it on February 23rd;The NIS that ends in 7 will receive it on February 24th;The NIS that ends in 8 will receive it on February 27th;The NIS that ends in 9 will receive it on February 28th;The NIS that ends in 0 will receive it on February 29th.

Find out who can sign up for income transfer

Brazilians must have a monthly per capita income (per person) of up to R$218. Furthermore, it is necessary to have an updated CadÚnico (Cadastro Único para Programas Sociais) registration.

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