Bolsa Família EARLY for TODAY (02/26)? Check payments!

The federal government anticipated the payment of Bolsa Família for families affected by calamities and beneficiaries with NIS ending in 7. Understand.

Bolsa Família is a Brazilian government income transfer program, created in 2003, with the aim of reducing poverty and social inequality in the country. The program serves families in situations of poverty and extreme poverty.

Bolsa Família is one of the largest income transfer programs in the world, and has already benefited millions of families across Brazil.

The program contributed to reducing poverty and social inequality in the country, and improving the quality of life of millions of Brazilians. And this month, the Federal Government announced changes to its calendar. Check out.

Government may bring forward Bolsa Família – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Early payment of Bolsa Família benefits millions in emergency situations

Bolsa Família, a federal government program aimed at vulnerable families, announced a special measure on February 24: advance payment for two specific groups.

Firstly, families in Paraná affected by a public calamity or emergency situation will receive their benefits in a unified manner today.

Additionally, beneficiaries with a Social Identification Number (NIS) ending in 7 will also have early access to resources via Caixa Tem.

This action reflects the program’s commitment to providing agile and effective support to families in need, especially at critical times.

In addition to detailing the groups benefiting from the anticipation, the article presents the complete Bolsa Família payment calendar for February, demonstrating the organized structure to ensure that the aid reaches those who need it.


Based on the changes, this is the Bolsa Família calendar for February 2024.

The NIS that ends in 1 already received it on February 16th;The NIS that ends in 2 already received it on February 19th;The NIS that ends in 3 already received it on February 20th;The NIS that ends in 4 already received it on February 21st;The NIS that ends in 5 already received it on February 22nd;The NIS that ends in 6 already received it on February 23rd;The NIS that ends in 7 was going to receive it on February 26th, but the benefit was brought forward to the 24th;The NIS that ends in 8 will receive it on February 27th;The NIS that ends in 9 will receive it on February 28th;The NIS that ends in 0 will receive it on February 29th.

Check out more program details

Bolsa Família works as follows: benefiting families receive a monthly amount of money, which varies according to family income and the number of family members.

To receive the benefit, families must comply with some conditions, such as keeping their children in school and taking minors to regular medical appointments.


As previously mentioned, the value of Bolsa Família may vary. Families receive at least R$600. It is worth noting that Brazilians with families of more than five people receive R$142 per capita (per person).

Furthermore, children up to six years of age can receive R$150 per member in this age group. Finally, the program pays R$50 to pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children and adolescents up to 18 years of age.

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