Bolsa Família CRAVA payments of R$900.00 after Carnival; check the withdrawal calendar

Bolsa Família announces special payment of R$900.00 after Carnival: check the calendar and benefit details. Find out how to access your benefit through Caixa Tem.

Brazil is celebrating! Not only because of the euphoria of Carnival, but also because of the encouraging news for Bolsa Família beneficiaries.

The program, recognized for its crucial role in supporting vulnerable families, announced excellent news: special payments of R$900.00.

These surprising and highly anticipated payments will be made right after the Carnival celebrations. An extra boost that arrives at an opportune moment, bringing relief and hope. See more below.

New for Bolsa Família beneficiaries: payments of R$900.00 made after Carnival. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Bolsa Família of R$900 after Carnival

Within this new phase, Bolsa Família raises its aid level. In addition to the base value of R$600.00, the program includes additional bonuses.

These increments vary according to the composition of each family. For example, families with children up to 6 years old or pregnant women receive a plus benefit. Likewise, there is still an increase for families with young people between 7 and 18 years old.

In practice, this tiered benefit structure means that the more specific criteria the family meets, the greater the amount received.

It is a way of meeting the diverse needs and realities of the Brazilian people. The program’s flexibility and sensitivity in recognizing these differences are essential.

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How can I access R$900 from Bolsa Família?

With technology on our side, accessing this benefit has become even easier. Bolsa Família beneficiaries can transfer the amount through the Caixa Tem application.

The app brings ease, as it eliminates the need for unnecessary travel, ensuring practicality and safety.

Furthermore, checking the amounts to be received is simple and quick. Using the same app, users can check their statement to see how much they will receive and when.

This transparent and straightforward process is a great advantage for beneficiaries.

More than help, a support network

Furthermore, it is also important to emphasize that Bolsa Família is part of a broader social support network.

Programs such as the BPC (Continuous Payment Benefit) and the possibility of owning your own home are available to those registered with Bolsa Família.

These initiatives are vital to guarantee a better quality of life for families in vulnerable situations.

Keep an eye on the calendar!

Now, for the most anxious, it is crucial to pay attention to payment dates. In fact, the February calendar has already been defined and starts on the 16th.

Namely, payments will follow an order based on the last digit of the NIS (Social Identification Number). Here are the dates:

NIS ended 1:16 February;NIS ended 2:19 February;NIS ended 3:20 February;NIS ended 4:21 February;NIS ended 5:22 February;NIS ended 6:22 February; 23 February;NIS ended 7:26 February;NIS ended 8:27 February;NIS ended 9:28 February;NIS ended 0:29 February.

The news of payments of R$900.00 through Bolsa Família is more than a financial boost; It is a sign of care and attention towards the most vulnerable sections of society.

This reinforcement after Carnival is a way of ensuring that the joy of the festive period extends beyond, bringing concrete benefits to people’s lives.

So, stay tuned to the calendar and don’t miss the opportunity to receive your benefit!

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