Bolsa Família card is coming and will allow contactless payment; know everything!

If you receive monthly payments from the government, you cannot miss information about the new Bolsa Família card. Check out!

Have you ever imagined the practicality of making payments with just one approach, without the need to enter passwords or insert cards? The Bolsa Família card will allow this!

This reality is about to become accessible to millions of Brazilians who benefit from Bolsa Família, thanks to innovative technology. Check out!

The Bolsa Família card is an essential item for beneficiaries. Check out! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Bolsa Família card arrives revolutionizing

Initially, Caixa Econômica Federal announced that 100% of the new Bolsa Família debit cards will come equipped with contactless payment technology.

This means more agility and security in daily transactions, eliminating the need for physical contact with card machines.

Important benefits

In addition to their obvious practicality, cards with contactless technology promise greater durability, as they reduce physical wear and tear caused by friction in machines.

This not only extends the life of the card, but also contributes to sustainability by minimizing the use of plastic.

Furthermore, the pandemic accelerated the adoption of contactless payments around the world and Brazil was not left behind.

The Brazilian Association of Credit Card and Services Companies (Abecs) recorded a significant increase in the volume of these transactions, indicating a clear consumer preference for the convenience and security that this technology offers.

When will the Bolsa Família card be delivered?

Before new cards with NFC begin to be issued, Caixa is committed to exhausting the current stock of cards without this technology.

Therefore, it is a matter of time before all Bolsa Família beneficiaries can enjoy this innovation.

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How do I receive the Bolsa Família card?

Now, to receive the Bolsa Família card you must be registered and receiving amounts from the program.

Therefore, to register for Bolsa Família, you must go to the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) closest to your residence.

There, you must provide personal documents (ID, CPF, proof of residence, birth or marriage certificates) and proof of income for everyone who lives in the house.

The registration is then done in CadÚnico, a system that brings together information on low-income families in Brazil.

After registration, the family’s socioeconomic situation will be assessed to determine eligibility for the program.

What are the program rules?

Finally, Bolsa Família rules determine that eligible families must meet specific income criteria: families in extreme poverty, with a monthly income of up to R$89.00 per person, and families in poverty, with income between R$89.01 and R$178.00 per person, as long as there are pregnant women, children or teenagers aged 0 to 17.

Furthermore, it is necessary to keep children in school with a minimum attendance of 85% for those aged 6 to 15 and 75% for young people aged 16 to 17, as well as complying with the vaccination schedule and prenatal care for pregnant women.

A new moment for benefit

The introduction of contactless payment technology on Bolsa Família cards represents a significant leap in terms of convenience and efficiency for millions of Brazilians.

With this change, the program not only makes the daily lives of beneficiaries easier, but also includes them in the growing global trend of financial digitalization.

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