Bolsa Família beneficiaries receive EXEMPTION from monthly payments

Those who receive Bolsa Família still have access to various government benefits. This time, grace fell on a new payment exemption.

Good news for Bolsa Família beneficiaries! In addition to monthly financial support, there is now extra relief for families enrolled in the program.

For this reason, it is very important that program beneficiaries always follow government news regarding their payments. Check out!

Bolsa Família continues to deliver several benefits to Brazilians. See which one is the newest! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

New exemption from Bolsa Família

In principle, Bolsa Família, known for helping socially vulnerable families, offers another feature: significant discounts on the electricity bill.

In this sense, imagine reducing your monthly expenses and having more space in your budget for other essential needs. This is the proposal for the Social Electricity Tariff, which promises discounts of up to 65% on your electricity bill!

Who benefits?

To take advantage of these discounts, your family must be registered in the Single Registry with a per capita income of up to half a minimum wage or, if there is someone with a disability or elderly person, with an income of up to three minimum wages.

In addition, families who use essential electrical equipment for health care are also eligible.

How does the exemption work?

Discounts vary depending on monthly energy consumption, reaching 65% for consumption of up to 30 kWh. The best of everything?

If you are a Bolsa Família beneficiary, you don’t need to worry about requesting these discounts, as the process is automatic, thanks to data crossing between the Single Registry and the energy company.

Total exemption for traditional communities

Then, for indigenous people and quilombolas, the news is even better: total exemption from electricity bills for consumption of up to 50 kWh per month.

An initiative that recognizes the importance of supporting traditional communities, ensuring access to basic services without weighing on the pocket.

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February Bolsa Família Calendar

Furthermore, this month’s Bolsa Família calendar is now available. Check below the dates on which the amounts start to fall into the account:

End of NIS digit 1 – installment on 16/2End of NIS digit 2 – installment on 19/2End of NIS digit 3 – installment on 20/2End of NIS digit 4 – installment on 21/2End of NIS digit 5 ​​– installment on 22/ 2End of NIS digit 6 – installment on 23/2End of NIS digit 7 – installment on 26/2End of NIS digit 8 – installment on 27/2End of NIS digit 9 – installment on 28/2End of NIS digit 0 – installment on 29/ two

Payment of gas assistance is also available

Furthermore, in February 2024, Auxílio Gás continues to be a crucial initiative of the Brazilian government, aimed at supporting families in situations of social vulnerability.

This benefit aims to alleviate the burden of cooking gas costs, essential for preparing daily meals.

The measure is especially important in times of rising prices, ensuring that families can maintain their food security without compromising other basic needs. This month, the value is R$102.

Enjoy all the benefits of Bolsa Família

Finally, this new Bolsa Família benefit is an important step to guarantee not only the livelihood, but also the quality of life of Brazilian families.

Therefore, keeping data updated in the Single Registry is crucial to ensure that these and other benefits reach those who really need them. With this additional exemption, many families will be able to breathe a sigh of relief as their monthly expenses are reduced.

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