Boleto DAS-MEI 2024 has changed value from this month; check out!

Check out the changes in the DAS-MEI 2024 bill and understand how the increase in the minimum wage impacts micro-entrepreneurs. Find out more about the new values ​​and organize yourself financially.

At the beginning of the year, an important novelty shakes up the universe of individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs) in Brazil.

The DAS-MEI bill, a crucial document for the regularity and benefits of MEIs, had its value changed. This change, a reflection of the minimum wage adjustment, directly affects thousands of entrepreneurs.

In general, understanding these changes is essential to keep your business up to date and enjoy the benefits offered by the system. So, read on and find out more.

Find out everything about the DAS-MEI bill adjustment in 2024, including details about values ​​by sector and tips for MEIs. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Why did the value of the DAS-MEI bill change?

The value of the Simples Nacional Collection Document (DAS-MEI) for 2024 has increased. This occurred in response to the adjustment of the national minimum wage, which is now R$1,412.

Previously, the monthly value of DAS-MEI was R$66, but with the new minimum wage, it rose to R$70.60. This value corresponds to 5% of the current minimum wage.

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Investment in security and benefits

In addition to being a legal obligation, payment of DAS-MEI represents an investment in the entrepreneur’s security.

Included in this amount is a fixed contribution to Social Security, ensuring rights such as retirement, maternity benefit, sickness benefit, death pension and incarceration benefit.

Furthermore, this value also covers taxes such as ISS and ICMS, which vary according to the activity carried out by the microentrepreneur.

Differentiation by operating segments

With the changes, the value of the DAS-MEI bill in 2024 now varies between R$71.60 and R$76.60, depending on the sector in which the MEI operates.

For those who work in commerce or industry, the value is R$71.60. Meanwhile, for those who work in services, the value is R$75.60.

Furthermore, for those involved in both commerce and services, the value reaches R$76.60.

MEI truck drivers: a category apart

The MEI truck driver category is also undergoing changes. The calculation for this category is based on 12% of the minimum wage, resulting in values ​​between R$169.44 and R$175.44.

In short, this variation considers the type of product transported and the destination of the goods. The categories, each with a specific value, include:

Municipal services;Intermunicipal;Interstate,International; eTransportation of dangerous products or changes.

Importance of financial organization

For MEIs, staying up to date with tax obligations is essential. This change in the DAS-MEI 2024 bill is a reminder of the importance of financial planning.

Therefore, being aware of changes helps to avoid surprises and ensures the continuity of the benefits offered by the system.

Closing and call to action

In summary, the recent changes to the DAS-MEI value for 2024 bring a warning about the need to stay informed and financially organized.

Namely, this payment is more than an obligation; It is a means of guaranteeing rights and security for you, the entrepreneur.

Therefore, stay up to date, plan and ensure the stability of your business. Remember: an informed MEI is a protected and prosperous MEI!

Quick tips for MEIs

Review your Budget: With the increase in the DAS-MEI, adjust your budget to accommodate the new value.Tax Planning: Mark due dates on a calendar so you never miss the deadline.Understand your Benefits: Discover all the benefits that paying the DAS-MEI MEI provides.Seek Advice: If you have any questions, seek professional help for tax and accounting guidance.Stay tuned to the News: The rules for MEIs may change. Always stay informed about the news.

Finally, with this information and tips, individual microentrepreneurs will be better prepared to face the challenges of 2024, keeping up to date with their obligations and making the most of the benefits of the MEI system.

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